Some older voters are switching to Fiden in Florida. Will that be enough for him?

“People are not told who they are going to vote for,” Ms Rother said. That morning at the ophthalmologist, Biden-Harris saw another patient with a baseball cap.

“I said to him, ‘I like your hat.'” Then someone said to him, ‘I like it too.’

Enthusiasm among Republicans, however, is still evident.

Last week, Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, rallied supporters in an open space east of Interstate 75 in Lee County. Delighted fans came out with big smiles, posed for photos and hugged with other participants. Only a few wore masks. Almost everyone said they had no idea how the president handled the epidemic.

Gail Mount, 68, of Port Charlotte, said: “I love the energy of this crowd. “They are very enthusiastic people.”

At Republican headquarters in Fort Myers, located on a strip mall between the pizza place and the escape room, Doris Cortis, the party’s 81-year-old vice president, described red, white and blue nails with TRUMP letters on her nails.

Ms. Cortez said she volunteered for all ages – “We get millennials!” He said – and Mr. He predicts that retirees’ support for Trump will decline, but not diminish.

“I’m in the office four days a week and we get more and more seniors,” he said. “Trump is going to cut drug prices” – a goal he stated in Fort Myers this month – “This is a big deal with seniors because some of them have to make a choice between eating and taking medicine.”

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