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Adobe’s Premiere Pro to Get AI Video Tools Powered by Firefly in 2024

Adobe recently announced that their generative artificial intelligence flagship, Firefly, will be powering three new AI video tools inside their popular video editing software Premiere Pro starting in 2024. The new tools, Generative Extend, Object Addition and Removal, and Text to Video, are set to revolutionize the way editors work with video content.

The Gen Extend tool will allow editors to use AI to seamlessly create new frames, making clips longer and enhancing edits. The Object Addition & Removal tool will enable editors to add or remove objects from frames in real-time while maintaining photorealism. Additionally, the Text to Video feature will give filmmakers direct access to text-to-video tools within Premiere Pro.

To train its models, Firefly will integrate video generation from various companies such as OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs. Adobe ensures that the AI software uses licensed images to adhere to copyright laws. Additionally, Adobe will be attaching Content Credentials to assets created within its applications to show users how content was generated.

In addition to the new video tools, Premiere Pro’s audio workflow will also see upgrades with AI-powered tools in May. These upgrades will include interactive fade handles, audio category tagging, effect badges, redesigned waveforms, and an AI-powered Enhance Speech tool.

The integration of Firefly into Adobe’s Premiere Pro software presents exciting opportunities for editors and filmmakers to streamline their workflow and achieve new levels of creativity and efficiency. The future of video and audio editing looks brighter than ever with these cutting-edge AI tools at their disposal.

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