Trump test jar warns that local authorities may impose ‘severe measures’ against COVID-19

President TrumpDonald John Trump compared him to the Giuliani Fox business host with Christopher Steele.The COVID-19 test jar, which was commissioned Wednesday, warned that state and local authorities could impose “severe measures” to control the spread of the virus if people do not take the necessary steps to dissociate themselves and wear masks.

“We can still control this by wearing masks, being away from the community and being careful during the holidays,” said Brett Giorier, assistant secretary of health. Said in an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show.

Giorgio warned residents to watch out for epidemics, underlining that local authorities in some states may impose “more drastic measures because cases will increase if we do not make a change.”

Already, some states with densely populated urban centers have curbed epidemics that mimic the measures imposed earlier this year.

The Illinois government announced J.P. Britzker (D) on Tuesday Returning to some corona virus controls, Such as a ban on indoor food and bars.

However, some localized courts intervened a second time against the epidemic.

The Supreme Court of Michigan ruled against this Democratic government Gretchen WhitmerGretchen Witmer Trump’s pitch for women on corona virus recovery: ‘We’ll take your husbands back to work’ Slogan Trump looks at Whitmer as the crowd responds ‘Boot her up’ The Pittsburgh synagogue shoot is one of many warnings – but are we listening now? FurtherRequest to delay an earlier court ruling that ruled he had no formal authority to pursue a state of emergency during COVID-19 epidemics.

Whitmer imposed some of the most drastic COVID-19 measures in the country, which led to a confrontation with Trump over sanctions.

Giorgio’s comments come as the country deals with corona virus cases and hospital admissions, setting up daily records.

“Yes, we are identifying more and more cases, but we know that cases are actually increasing and hospital admissions are on the rise,” Giorior said.

“Now, The [daily hospitalization] The peak was in the 70,000s, in July, we are now around 42, 43,000, so we are very low in July. But they go up, and they are real. Unfortunately, we know that deaths are on the rise, “he said.

There are About 43,000 people in the hospital According to the COVID surveillance program, there were about 30,000 with the corona virus in early October.

Last week, the United States averaged nearly 71,000 new COVID-19 cases a day, Johns Hopkins University data showed.

Giorgio said many parts of the country are experiencing high levels of traffic at medical facilities, although overall hospital admission rates are much lower than they peaked in the summer.

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