Anger, fear and grief forced the Armenians to leave the land and return to Azerbaijan.

Kalbazar, Azerbaijan – Burnt houses and businesses line the main road that cuts through the mountain villages in this part of the South Caucasus. The faint smell of smoke hangs in the air. Someone on the side of a burning building said, “We’ll be back.”

The Armenian people in the area are fleeing the land, which will be handed over to the Azeri forces on November 25. Russian brokerage agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are determined to destroy what they cannot take with them.

The trees have been cut down. There was nothing in the burnt shell of a local school except a few workbooks and desks.

“We are builders, not burners. Arshak Zakarian, who has been systematically dismantling the restaurant his family has been running for two years on the outskirts of the village of Dadivank in Kalpajar district, finds this difficult to do. “We can’t live with Azeris,” said the 52-year-old entrepreneur, who holds an AK-47 rifle.

Kalpajar and the next two districts Nagorno-Karabakh controversial area It is to be deported from Armenia to Azerbaijan as part of the November 10 agreement.

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