‘Euphoria’ star Lucas Cage calls director for embarrassing his ‘little’ apartment on zoom, stars react

Ecstasy“The star Lucas Cage Zoom has gone viral after a director shared a video criticizing his apartment.

Cage, 25, posted the awkward encounter on his social media accounts on Friday, which shows him standing in front of his camera, visible in the background of his apartment.

When he was about to perform a scene, a male Director In another video call, he said, “These poor people live in this little apartment. I see him, you know, the background and he has his TV.”

“You’re not turned off,” Cage replied. “I know this is a s —- y apartment. … give me this job so I can get a better one.”

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LOS ANGELES, California – October 19: Lucas Cage attended the 5th Annual Reason for Entertainment Benefit on October 19, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Pescian / Getty Images for a Reason for Entertainment)

When the director – whose identity is not known – realized the mistake he had made, he said to Cage: “Oh God, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Listen, I live in a four-by-four box. Give me a job and we’ll be fine,” Cage replied quietly.

The director admitted he was “dead”.

Cage He posted the video on his Twitter and Instagram accountsCage captioned his posts on Instagram and Twitter, writing, “psa: Be sure to disable ur mic in zoom if you are a talking director.”

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This post received hundreds of reactions from fans and the interest of desperate Hollywood actors.

Reacting stars include Patrick Schwarzenegger, Lucy Hale and Wilmer Volderrama.

“I don’t know how well you behaved,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.

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“It’s … incredible,” said Hale, Cage, 25, an “icon.”

“You are a class act. Then, this director has an official expiration date,” Walterrama wrote on Instagram.

Filmmaker Charlie McDowell tweeted, “I can only imagine how bad these director’s films are.”

And Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams Taken to Twitter Protect the gauge. She called him a “beautiful, quick-thinking girlfriend” and said he was “happy to work, fun, talented and a blast to settle”.

Cage never mentioned the director by name, nor did he audition for any role. However, “Shameless” Alam Emmy Rose Gage became angry after watching the video and said he believed he knew the director’s identity.

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“I think I know that voice, and if I think about who he is, he asked me to do an ‘audition’ for him once,” Rosam wrote in Cage’s comments on Instagram. “But don’t read a scene. He said he knew I could act. I had to come to his office in a bikini and do a spin. Not a joke. That’s what was asked. I was a representative right now. ‘ I hope I told my agent, ‘Don’t thank him, f — go by yourself’.

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