5 WWE Superstars to Return to on BPV

We are all ready for this year’s edition WWE Survivor Series. From the highly anticipated clash between Universal champion Roman Reigns and WWE champion Drew McIntyre The Undertakers The final farewell looks like a fantastic show line-up for fans at the upcoming pay show. Plus, there are two promising traditional five-on-one races where the best superstars from Raw and SmackDown fight it for brand dominance.

The Survivor Series will be the last of WWE’s four major payouts this year. Therefore, the WWE Universe cannot be blamed for expecting a few surprises on the show. From many WWE legends to former champions, there are a lot of names that can attend the Survivor series.

In this article, we will look at the list of WWE superstars who may return to Survivor Series 2020. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

# 1 Survivor Series Can Return in 2020: Kane

They both share the true bond of brotherhood
They both share the true bond of brotherhood

WWE Superstar Kane One of the most popular characters in advertising history. For most of his career he was not associated with anyone other than The Undertaker. Together, they took The Brothers of Destruction and their tag team name in a very simple sense when they entered the ring. It will be epic to see the two brothers reunite in the Survivor Series on Sunday night.

From their personal rivalry to trusting each other in their lives, Kane and The Undertaker are one of the best Kaybe brothers we have ever seen. In fact, their bond extends beyond the confines of the square circle, and the two superstars share a great bond in personal life as well.

So, Kane is definitely expected to be part of The Undertaker’s final farewell from the upcoming WWE series Survivor Series. They both share a lot of memories, and it would be great if he could attend when The Undertaker bids farewell to the auction business. After all, he has been an integral part of The Phenomenon’s best storylines in WWE history.

During this episode we also saw pre-stage rumors about The Undertaker’s intentions of attacking The Undertaker. Since The Find wants to hunt down the ‘legends’ of the business, The Deadman is very good at having his most trusted partner by his side in the ring. So, Kane tops the list of potential earnings in this year’s Survivor series.

Posted 22 November 2020, 08:58 AM

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