Debbie calls Jess a liar to her face

Gold Johnson and his mother Debbie In Part 1 he faced his Brazilian X. 90 Day Future Wife: Happy Always Tell me everything. After addressing Colt’s most recent episode, Debbie slapped his ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline She called him a “liar” in the face.

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’90 Day Future Wife: Happy Always’ As seen this season, Debbie never recognized Jesse

When Gold told Debbie that she was dating Jesse earlier this season, she immediately had her suspicions. Initially, the nanny from Chicago was from Brazil, like his ex-wife Larissa dos Santos Lima. And, before going Brazil to meet Jess’s family, Debbie finds out that Gold is sending her money.

But Debbie’s biggest problem was that she believed Jess was trying to marry Gold for a green card. “I’m very concerned that Gels’ motives are to marry Gold and have children and become a citizen of the United States,” Debbie said. 90 Day Future Wife: Happy Always Producers. “If so, I don’t think Gold would have known the plan.”

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Eventually, after Jess finds out that Gold is texting other women and living with Vanessa Guerrero, she throws him out. At the time, Gold admitted that he had lied to Jesse and that he was a bad boyfriend. But when Debbie follows her in one of the final episodes of the season, he doesn’t have much to blame.

“She’s gone after you hook, line and sink,” Debbie told Gold. “She used you from the beginning. I think she wanted citizenship. I think she needs a green card. She uses you and you don’t need that kind of relationship. ”

’90 Day Future Wife: Always Happy ‘Tell Everyone Gold Reunites With Her Ex-People

In Part 1 Of 90 Day Future Wife: Happy Always Tell everyone, Gold and Debbie reunite with Larissa, her boyfriend Eric Nichols and Jess. But as the discussion begins, Debbie and Jess get into a heated exchange.

Jess looks funny at Debbie’s red shirt and calls her a “devil” and a “ghost”. Debbie claps again and tells host Shawn Robinson to pick Larissa “a thousand times” more than Jess any day for Gold. He says Larissa and Jess are in a “club” trying to destroy Gold.

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“Shawn, they’re in a club that will kill Colt’s relationships,” Debbie says. “He’s very angry at them. He’s abandoned them. They have this club. They talk to each other – but these two are best friends.”

Debbie calls Jesse a ‘liar’

As 90 Day Future Wife: Happy Always Say it all, Jess and Larissa yell at Debbie and Colt, and tell them to “shut up”. Larissa says they have no morals. Jess recalls over and over again how much Gold lied. But then again, without telling his own lies, he accused Gold Jesse of trying to change him.

“Jess, when you look back on our relationship, you wanted to change me, you wanted to change the way I live and everything about me,” Gold says. “You don’t love me, that’s fine, but you don’t have to act like the best girlfriend.”

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Jess defends herself and admits that she loved Colt so much. When he asks her what she loves about him, she says she wants to be in a relationship “alone” with him. But Debbie interrupts and tells Jess not to tell the truth in her face.

“She’s a liar,” Debbie yells. “She’s a liar.”

Upon hearing this, Jess tells Debbie to “shut up” because she has not spoken to her. Debbie decides she no longer wants to be a part of the conversation and leaves.

The other woman in Colt’s life is Vanessa Guerrero, who appears in Dell All’s Parts 2 and 3. It will be interesting to see what she has to say to Jesse and whether Debbie will return to the discussion or not.

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