‘Denet’ M 45M + Domestic, c 307M WWE Pre-Cineworld & Expected Partial Regal Shutdown – Timeline

The city is even more shocked by yesterday’s news CineworldIts UK theaters are due to close indefinitely this week. Now it seems that what we are hearing is a partial shutdown of the American No. 2 chain Regal.

Cinworld tweeted the following statement this morning, “We can confirm that we are considering temporarily closing our UK and American cinemas, but a final decision has not yet been reached. Once a decision is made, we will update all staff and customers as much as we can. ”

On Friday, distributors on their 340-400 sites, which are now open state, will be temporarily closed from Monday the 65th, and will have 50 weekends. Those Regal locations that are closed are low-collecting locations within a short mile of another large Regal location. Therefore, it is not yet certain whether the entire Regal chain will close again for a long time.

When the news came last night that the entire Regal round was going to be dark; This was sudden news to their inner movie bookers that they were actually waiting for the official word. We officially know what will happen tomorrow or Tuesday from Cineworld / Regal. I.e., number 2 location Denet In the state last weekend, Orange County, CA had Regal’s Irwin spectrum, so why would the chain close all its places? Currently in Fondango, you can buy tickets for the Irwin Spectrum this week and next weekend, so this is a sign that the entire Regal chain is not closed.

HOCUS POCUS, From: Kathy Najimi, Pete Mitler, Sarah Jessica Parker
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Overall, it sends a mixed message to moviegoers about whether or not their local movie theater is open. Currently, according to the NRG poll, about 50% of all moviegoers in the states are aware that their local theater is open. It has taken a lot of money to reopen large chains with updated security infection protocols, and I was told that if Cinworld / Regal were to shut down and reopen, it would cost them a ton of money again.

However, the shutdown of Cineworld and Regal speaks volumes about how bad the exhibition is. Some distribution studio owners there believe New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may be to blame for the show’s decline, as he has not yet reopened cinemas, but reopened health clubs and casinos during epidemics. I said if Regal gets dark, it will be 18% off the domestic box office.

“Mookie Creedinger is fighting for his life,” a studio boss says of the head of Cineworld this morning. “This is unfortunate because he is the third generation in the exhibition business. He needs a lifeline.”

Cineworld / Regal’s radio silence Some people think that they are trying to get their financial house in order. If their press wants to close them, it may force other exhibition journalists (like AMC) to force their hand similarly.

Notice it Denet, It was done $ 2.7m (-21%) to run on weekend 6 $ 45.1M In total, most theaters had a 12-week booking. Many had expected the film to end with M 55M Stateside, but the project may now be thrown out by Regal’s affairs. In the UK, where Cineworld is closing, Denet Reached $ 20.9m, This is only 26% to date DunkirkThe final $ 80.8M in the country.

Last weekend Disney released a surprise Disney 1993 Pet Midler-Sarah Jessica Parker-Kathy Najimi Family Comedy Release Focus Focus, It was done $ 1,925 m. Note, Denet Always expected to win the weekend, and won on Friday Focus Focus, $ 740K to 50 650K. Focus Focus Always wants to get 2nd place.

There is no doubt that the regal partial shutdown expected in the immediate October future, such as Freestyle, will affect those independent distributors with movies. 2 hearts, Open roads Honest thief And 101 Studios’ War with grandfather, The latter opens next weekend. However, if Regal is relatively open, these distributors are likely to capture 2,000 theatrical breaks in the opening weekend.

What do some major studio distribution bosses think about Regal’s temporary crisis: cinemas opened very quickly, and from time to time, before New York and Los Angeles were online, Denet, A cerebral noir thriller doesn’t have to come with a brand. Also, we need a Marvel, DC or big IP movie to rewind the turnstiles, not just one movie, but a bunch of big movies, with big nationwide marketing campaigns (not digital).

Fear if Disney Soul 20th Century Studio Annual End Vacation Admission, Free hand, death on the Nile, Paramounts Coming 2 USA, Sony / Screen Gems’ Escape Room 2, Warner Bros. ‘ Wonder Woman 1984 And legendary Sand This is a perfect recipe to bring movie audiences back if a final is coming to 2020 at the box office. Despite progress in talks with New York State a week ago, health officials there are still cricketing about the reopening of movie theaters. The excitement is that the Los Angeles cinemas will be able to reopen by October 16th.

Save yourself!
Save yourself!
Bleaker Street

The interesting thing now at this depressing time at the box office is that there are a lot of independent films from Studio Classic labels like Focus Features. Kajillianar With 2 on the weekend K 100 k For a total of 4 404K in 547 theaters (+18), NEON’s Sundance pick-up The owner is uncut From Brandon Gronenberg ($ 227.5k), To the science fiction comedy of Flickr Street Save yourself! It was done $ 141.6 kg 11th place in 388 theaters. How is that? Basically, this is the best time for indie distributors to get screens, and their P&A is low. It is a risk-free fee, which is now financially secure to publish, not even available in the flavor maker markets New York City and Los Angeles; The essentials to creating a shortcut hit the road. However, these are the big movies the exhibition needs for its livelihood.

The Ciniworld strike was first reported in the Sunday Times of London, and Variety reported that Regal would also be shut down. The WSJ said the Regal strike was “possible” with an official word from the chain tomorrow or Tuesday.

The owner is uncut

Below is how the top 10 films made from timeline sources are:

  1. Denet (WB) 2,722 theaters (-128), 3 day $ 2.7m (-21%) / Total: $ 45.1M / Wk 6
  2. Focus Focus (Dis) 2,570 theaters $ 1,925 mRe-issue Wk 1
  3. New mutants (20th / Dis) 2,154 theaters (-151), 3 day M 1 M (-9%) / Total: $ 20.9M / Wk 6
  4. Unrestricted (Souls) 2,023 (-159) 3 day $ 870K (-13%) / Total $ 18.4M / Wk 8
  5. Infidel (Cloudburst) 1,792 (-93) screens 3 day $ 455 k (-40%) / Total $ 3.4M: Wk 3
  6. Star Wars: Empire strikes again (’97 Edition, Dis / 20th) Day 3: $ 335k, (-63%) Operating Total: $ 293M / Wk 1,233
  7. Beetlejus (WB) 346 theaters, 3 day: $ 300k, running total $ 74m
  8. Collection of Broken Hearts (Sony) 2,00 (-41) 3 day $ 275k (-41%) / Total $ 3.7M / Wk 4
  9. The owner is uncut (NEON) 320 Theaters, 3 day $ 227.5k Evaluation / Week 1
  10. Break the mile snail (Truffle), 418 theaters (-14), 3 day $ 158.5K (-83%) Rating / Total Wk 2.

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