The 2020 Area Awards were set for Sydney with some changes

The 2020 ARIA Awards will be held this November, in the form of COVIDsafe.

The Australian Recording Department’s Awards Ceremony will take place on November 25 at the Star Event Center in Sydney at its usual location, not just for spectators.

Entering its 34th year, ARIAs are “virtual, but real,” says ARIA CEO Dan Rosen. advertisement board. “There will be an ARIA platform with real people.” The star “does not have a live audience there.”

Through a continuous partnership, YouTube will stream programs online, and nine free-to-air networks will show the show across Australia.

After the Bushfire and now epidemic, the abolition of ARIAs would have been a gut punch for the music industry and the wider Australian population. Rosen notes that music “gets people in these challenging times.” “We thought it would be a very important moment for ARIA to reflect the artists at its core. We are going to make sure we do everything we can to celebrate a truly incredible year in its ups and downs.”

There’s a lot to celebrate, of course on the music side. In the last 12 months, more than 50 domestic L.P. Cardiol and so on.

“It’s a challenging industry,” through which we release the best music. “

At another interval of the regular event, The Fine Arts and Craftsman ARIA Awards will be presented on the same day as the ARIA Awards.

Nominations for the main event will be announced next month. It is not clear if any famous act or artist will be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, however Rosen confirms that the special ceremony will take place.

As previously announced, ARIA has partnered with the NSW government to “amplify” the event through live music. Watching the Great Southern Knights campaign 1,000 COVIDSafe shows Roll over in the coming weeks to the annual exhibition across Sydney and the regional NSW.

Denise Handlin, President and CEO of ARIA, Sony Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand, commented, “This year’s awards will be different from what we’ve hosted in the past in a unique way for music fans here and around the world. ”

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