Ravens to bench Matt Scura, start Patrick McGary after recent snap issues

A week after a few bad shotgun photos helped alleviate their crime, the Baltimore Ravens are making a change at the center.

Sources say Matt Scoora will head the bench and Patrick McCurry will be in charge as a starter in a major game against the Tennessee Titans. Scura, who recovered from a serious knee injury last season, is likely to be even more likely to return to the lineup after he wiped his head during the season.

In addition, Baltimore can be seen holding Lamar Jackson a quarterback on the shotgun at a lower frequency than before. With two defeats in their last three games, they will tinker with their formula.

Against the New England Patriots last week, Scura’s poor form with seven minutes left led to a 12-yard loss and ended a major drive. In addition, he also had a wide-ranging photo of Mark Ingram running back in the Wild Gate creation for a play that didn’t work.

Skura, who was handled with a cut on his hand, also had problems a week ago.

This week the Ravens coaches did not agree on possible changes, although attack coordinator Greg Roman Snape said of the issue: “We need to fix it.”

After the Bates game, coach John Harbaugh, though contributing to the rain diseases, said, “It’s not an excuse – we still have to make our photos. They made their photos, but I think that’s the main reason.”

Skura is a well-liked member of the team This week went public With the fact that his family was threatened because he played on the field, he may be back in line later in the season.

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