Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Score, Takeaways: No. 18 Coming Soon Dominates Sixth Bedlam Victory

There are many ways to get out of Bedlam competition games, but no matter how it happens, it usually ends in Oklahoma victory. Saturday night ranked 18th again, with Oklahoma 14th in the fourth quarter with 14 points. Oklahoma State won 41-13, the sixth win in the Bethlehem series.

After a 1-2 start the Senators have now won five games in a row and the Big 12 Championship game is in their view. Two more games against West Virginia and Baylor all separate this team from another trip to Arlington, Texas.

The start for Bedlam looks set to run with the Oklahoma game. The Suns beat the Touchdowns 21-0 in their first three possessions, one of which was to help a narrow field to the interception of athlete David Ugbok. However, Oklahoma State’s top 15 defense was initially shown after the burn. For more than two quarters, the Cowboys kept the Suns at just six points.

But then, Ramandre Stevenson paid a fixed amount to the OU for the run. Stevenson, who had been in the bottle most of the night, began to break big runs and finished 141 yards in 26 carries. This allowed Oklahoma to get more creative and aggressive through its game calls. The first touchdown in the fourth quarter came as a dummy reversal, knocking H-back Jeremiah Hall out of the backfield for a 30-yard mark. The fourth down toss was 31 yards from second Spencer Rodler to Theo Weiss.

The crime in the state of Oklahoma never went away. Quarterback Spencer Sanders suffered a head injury in the first quarter. This meant newcomer Shane Illingworth was pushed into duty, but he finished 21 yards 5 and 71 yards a touchdown. Although Box coaching staff were initially wary of putting Sanders back in the game, he re-entered the fourth quarter. By then, it was too late.

Oklahoma state coach Mike Kundy fell 2-14 against Oklahoma. Here are some excerpts from tonight’s game:

1. Stevenson MVP

By the time Stevenson returned from his NCAA suspension against Texas Tech late last month, the Suners ’ground game had already improved, but he had introduced it to another level. Stevenson was bottlenecked as a runner early Saturday morning, but the credit relay for refusing to drop the run. It helped Oklahoma get out of a big lead, but eventually the 2-yard Stevenson runs turned into 9-yard runs, and they turned into fragmented yards.

The run game opened up Oklahoma’s offense in more aggressive circumstances. The first of two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, Stevenson took the ball straight before giving it to Rodler, who made a reverse dummy and hit Jeremiah Hall for the touchdown. Second, there was a touchdown from Rattler to Theo Weiss, fourth and 4th, which was most likely when Stevenson was running. Without the ground game, Oklahoma would not have gone away like that.

2. Ilingworth is not ready to come back

I’m not saying Illingworth is a bad player. But that is largely due to the security of Oklahoma. The Suns were in disarray with four sacks, seven DFLs, four QB emergencies and at least two or three bad passes. The state of Oklahoma’s criminal weakness refers to the attack. Tonight it’s not big, and Ilingworth is not the kind of quarterback who can stretch plays with his feet. Sanders could, but with caution, Oklahoma State chose not to play him for most games. I will not criticize that move – player safety is important – I wonder what the difference was in Sanders ’health between the second and fourth quarters. Anyway, Sanders is the best to pick up the necessary yards with his hands and feet. Illingworth didn’t give Oklahoma State that option, and it was hard when you tried to play from behind.

3. Playing against win

Two moments in the fourth quarter proved to be important training moves. First, Kundi decided to knock out the fourth and 8th with about 12 minutes left in the Oklahoma 39-yard line. The Box were down 21 points, and while Bunt was working – a game penalty delay helped push the Oklahoma State Suners back into their 1-yard lineup – it was an even more conservative call. Time was running out, and Oklahoma State had only 13 points. They had to do it on the ground. Remember: Sanders was back in the game at the time, so it was clear he was doing what he thought Oklahoma State should win. Bunding did nothing as Oklahoma went 99 yards and scored. In fact, Riley just chose to go on the fourth and 4th. In training it makes a big difference.

CBS Sports had with you the whole way to update this story to the latest in the game, you can read it below.

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