Jennifer Lawrence claims to have confronted Anderson Cooper for falsifying his virus Oscar fall

Jennifer Lawrence He claims to have fallen down the stairs while collecting his first Oscar for the film Silver Lining Playbook “Terrible shame”, but Anderson Cooper’s suggestion that he staged the viral moment was “devastating”.

This week, the 30-year-old actress recalled a viral incident at the 2013 Academy Awards, which occurred while climbing stairs to collect herself. Best Actress in a Leading Role Cup. Wearing a pink Christian Dior balcony, she slipped and fell.

“You fell because you feel bad that I fell, it’s so embarrassing, but thank you,” Lawrence said on stage before giving his acceptable comments. The moment was captured on hashtags and viral memes.

However during comedian Heather McMahon Absolutely not Web light On Thursday, Lawrence explained that this moment was not so much fun.

“I was ready, I was very nervous, and I was superstitious. I didn’t want to accept the chance to win, I didn’t want to write a text, I had everything in my head. [I was] It was very tense, but I was ready, ”Lawrence said.

“… they call my name, I’m glad and shocked – you’re kind of black – I do not really remember what that moment was like when they said my name,” he added. “Then I fell, it destroyed everything from my mind. My whole brain was empty. I can now look back at it … lovingly but for a very long time the falling thing was very sensitive.”

Jennifer Lawrence fell down the stairs after winning the “Best Actress” award for the film “Silver Lining Playbook” during the 2013 Academy Awards. (Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

To make her feel bad, Lawrence, CNN Anderson Cooper She lied about the fall. “It’s so devastating, it’s so horrible, it’s taken away – I do not know if I’ll ever get a chance to repeat a speech like this,” Lawrence said. “I don’t feel good without a speech.”

Several months later, Lawrence met the news anchor at a Christmas party. “My friend told me, a nerve goes out of my head. But he apologized, but I think we’re good friends now.”

According to Lawrence, he asked Cooper, “Have you ever tried to walk up the stairs in a falcon? So how do you know? ‘… he immediately apologized, he said,’ I know, I know nothing ‘and [gave this] Wonderful apology. I deleted them all … he told everyone I was a psycho. “

Lawrence has previously spoken of the famous fall – post-Oscar Press conference, Described his stressful days that day as similar to those of Steve Martin’s disfigured father character Father of the bride. He admitted he had already taken a shot, joking that it was intended to fall. “I tried to walk upstairs … I think I stepped up [dress] Cloth and they wax the stairs. “

And in 2018 the actress said Howard Stern, “I will do anything to go back and repeat that moment.”

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