COVID-19 Positive Fan Report

According to the Kansas City Department of Health, one of the guests at Thursday night’s game at Arrowhead Stadium favored Govt-19. We have worked closely with Dr. Rex Archer and the Kansas City Department of Health.

Parking and ticket scanning data, including the club’s contact tracking algorithms including video recording review, indicate that the individual who gave the positive and the individual’s party entered the grounds in accordance with the mask orders. The process allowed the board to identify other guests seated with this person, service personnel who may have been in contact with this person, and any other ticket holder in the vicinity of this person at the time of entering the stadium. Within hours of the announcement, the chiefs were able to point out the names of other members of the party, as well as detailed information on the route and location, and this information was passed on to the health department. Tracking skills in the arena allow for the expansion of communication to learn more about the guest activity before and after the Thursday night game.

The individual and the group of individuals sat on the lower level of the stage. By design, the stadium’s COVID protocol plan limited possible exposure to a seating area within the stadium. All employees known to have a positive suit should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including a mask. In addition, the protocols in the arena require all participants to wear masks within the arena.

Compliance with protocols is an important component to make this program effective. We appreciate the professionalism and diligence of the health sector and will continue to support its efforts in this regard and in season.

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