Twins’ Josh Donaldson hits home run

Minnesota Twins Third pacer Josh Donaldson was ruled out of Thursday’s game Chicago White Socks After scoring the home run, after exchanging with the home-plate umpire.

Donaldson hit a clutch solo home run in the sixth inning. As he passed the house, Donaldson kicked the dirt on the plate, which was an issue for home plate referee Don Bellino. Donald was fired after the incident.

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According to, A pitch between the jaw long ball between Donaldson and Bellino took place. Donaldson was the exception to a strike call. It was not clear what the conversation was about, but doubles manager Rogo Baldelli came out to confirm that cold heads existed between the two.

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Donaldson then left the house of Renault Lopez, who appeared when he crossed the plate and may have gone back to confirm that Donaldson had marked the home plate. However, Donaldson started kicking directly at the plate. Bellino then kicked him out.

This is Donaldson’s fifth home run of the year.

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Minnesota, the American League Central Division champions, finished first in the division behind the White Sox in two games in a row. After Thursday’s game, the team will no longer play the White Sox, with eight games remaining in the 2020 game.

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