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Controversial chess player Hans Niemann will not receive a $100 million compensation package from world champion Magnus Carlsen, who accused the chess talent of cheating. A judge in the United States dismissed the complaint on Wednesday.

“We are pleased that the court rejected Niemann’s initiative to recover the unearned money,” a lawyer for Carlsen told The Wall Street Journal. Niemann’s camp has announced that it will appeal.

Last year, a major chess riot broke out between Carlsen and the twenty-year-old American. At the Sinquefield Cup in the American city of St. Louis, the multiple world champion lost to Niemann, after which the Norwegian accused him of cheating. The American had previously been banned from the chess website due to suspicions of foul play.

Niemann sued Carlsen in October for defamation and slander. The chess talent also felt its competition law was breached because it was banned from lucrative tournaments. In addition to Carlsen, he also sued the Play Magnus Group,, boss Daniel Rensch and US grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura.

At the end of September, the international chess federation FIDE launched an official investigation into the biggest chess riot in history. The results of the investigation are not yet known. An earlier investigation allegedly tricked Niemann into more than 100 online duels.

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