Beyonc’s new Adidas x Ivy Park ‘Black Pack’ sells fast and Twitter is breaking out

Beyonc has released her highly anticipated release Adidas x Ivy Park “Black Pack” and Twitter were shocked at how quickly the products sold out.

“Halo” singer Announced collection Earlier this month – just weeks after the two brands dropped their first fall collection at the end of October. Tripon reveals the “black bag” that Beyonc took to Instagram to share that the capsule contains everything from leggings and biker shorts to jumpsuits and mini skirts. Adidas.com On November 17th.

Now that the day has come, some bee members are tweeting that they have lost the opportunity to buy some clothes.

One social media user wrote: “I’m so sick of not being able to do any IVYPARK,” one user Wrote.

Another Tweeted: “Is Ivy Park being sold again ?? Beyonc உருவாக்க must make 10 copies of MAX of these costumes. Where is the manager ????? ”

“I tried to get back to Ivy Park. It sold… again, ” Said Another social media user.

“I tried to get that Ivy Park cutout dress and it sold out in 10 seconds,” else Tweet According to.

While some were unlucky enough to buy Ivy Park, others scored big.

“Yassus put my Ivy Park Blackback Order on sale,” Said A fan.

A different Twitter user said, “I cut off my Ivy Park OMGGGGGGG Wrote.

“My Ivy Park Order went,” he said Another.

Black bag prices range from $ 25 to $ 200. Sizes are available from 2XS to XL, 1X to 4X (plus size) and 3XS to 4XL (gender neutral).

The black-jacket made of mesh fabric in the collection sells for 180; $ 140 knitted body suit with adjustable straps for perfect fit; A black and caramel knit dress sells for an 130 with a neon lining and a mesh sleeve body suit zipped to the front for $ 80. The capsule contains a 3-stripe suit jacket, crop tops, belt bags, funny bags, beans, baseball caps, face masks, socks and more.

According to the website, the sale of Ivy Park x Adidas “Black Pack” has been suspended at this time.

“Sales have been suspended ???? Ivypark is honestly playing games, ”one customer tweeted. Another He asked: “Does anyone know why sales have been suspended ???”

With the new outfit, a new pair of shoes for Collab, a high-waisted white sneaker with adjustable ankle straps, classic three-stripe accents and mixed material tops.

Singer of “Trunk in Love” Previewed new sneakers Last August he saw a jumpsuit from “Black Bag” leaving a secret photoshoot in New York. The 3-Stripes Jumpsuit, which sells for -150, seems to be one of the items currently on sale.

Beyonc வெளியிட்ட released its first package with Adidas through its athletic line Ivy Park in early 2020, and it quickly made headlines due to its stylish character and unique fall.

There was an American drop in the Adidas X Ivy Park “Black Pack” Adidas.com Worldwide online fall on November 17th and a store release on November 19th.

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