U.S. Corona virus: More state officials announce restrictions as US tops 100,000 new Govt-19 infections for second day in a row

This is the worst number since more than 100,000 cases were registered on Wednesday, the first time the United States has been hit by six outbreaks. That means in two days, the country announced more than 220,000 positive tests, with a total of more than 660,000 new viruses last week.

As the number of cases nationwide increases, so does the number of Americans admitted to the hospital, now with more than 53,000 patients across the United States. Govt Monitoring Project. Doctors have warned that as that number goes up, the death toll will continue to rise.
In the Midwest – communities are particularly hard hit and eruptions are worsening – the hospital said on Thursday that “the region is being hospitalized following a serious lawsuit.” Website.

“Deaths from the Midwest are on the rise, just weeks before the region’s lawsuit,” the plan said.

More than 234,900 Americans have died since the outbreak began, and a group estimate released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that another 31,000 will die in the next two and a half weeks.

In New Mexico, health officials have been warning for weeks about the Covit-19 crisis, with the daily death toll from Covit-19 reaching record levels. The number of hospital admissions has increased by 260% in the past month, said government Michael Lujan Grisham, who expects health officials to get out of public hospital beds “in a few days”.

The governor said it was “not going anywhere in the right direction” and asked residents to follow public health guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.

“If we don’t do them, we will have an even tougher decision and we will have a terrible November and dramatically worse December,” the governor said.

‘It is everywhere’

According to Johns Hopkins University data, New Mexico is one of at least 38 states reporting new Govt-19 infections more than the previous week. Two U.S. states – Alabama and Tennessee – are heading in the right direction.

In Minnesota, health officials recorded more than 3,900 new cases Thursday – the highest daily total for the state and the third consecutive day of one-day cases reaching new heights.

In Utah, where warnings have been echoed by government officials for weeks, 2,807 new cases broke the daily record on Thursday.

Gary Herbert said the numbers were “tough news” and “encouraging” and predicted that the government would continue to see this dramatic increase “unless we change our behavior.”

The Ohio government, meanwhile, has warned of a social crackdown on Mike Divine because of the Covid-19 cases that were filed on Thursday.

“It’s everywhere, we can’t hide from it, we can’t run away from it,” the governor said during a news conference. “The risk of catching this virus in every district is very real.”

Community gatherings such as weddings, funerals and private parties help spread the virus, he said.

“It has to be your fear, it’s widespread in your hometown,” Divin added. “It’s high now.”

The new state regulations target meetings

As the virus now spreads across American communities, many state leaders have proposed new measures to prevent it from spreading.

In Connecticut, the new measures will take effect Friday, setting new boundaries for restaurants, religious ceremonies and event venues. The governor tightened restrictions around private meetings on Thursday, which will be extended until the Thanksgiving holiday.

Public health officials across the country have pointed to meetings as a major driving force behind the Govt-19 uprising. Earlier this week, government spokesman Nate Lamond suggested that residents stay home from 10pm to 5am to control socialization.

Rhode Island Government Gina Raimondo Announced The new restrictions will last from 10pm on Sunday to 5am and start at 10:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

“I ask for voluntary compliance,” Raimonto said, announcing the new consultation in response to an increase in infections.

Also, from Sunday, all restaurants, gyms and entertainment facilities will be closed at 10pm on weekdays and 10:30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, while restaurants will only be open for pick-up later.

The governor also said that the main source for the spread of the virus is gatherings such as large house parties.

If they are not stopped, the governor said, “I will come back with a strike order in two weeks.”

CNN’s Ben Tinker, Sheena Jones, Melissa Alonso and Kay Jones contributed to the report.

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