The Tesla Model 3 made in Giga Shanghai goes to Europe next week

The first batch of Gigafactory Shanghai-made Model 3 made in China is set to embark on a journey to Europe. The vehicles are said to be on their way to the port of Zebra in Belgium, where they will be distributed to countries such as Germany and France.

The Chinese media have announced that the latest information will be sent Thousands of Made-in-China Standard Range Plus Model 3s Gigafactory from Shanghai. As noted by the Tesla owner-activist Ray4Tesla, Shipments will start on Tuesday 27th October next week.

“The target port is Zebrooki, Belgium. Delivery countries include Germany, France and Belgium, ”the Tesla activist tweeted. “The car dock is 9 km from Giga Shanghai.”

According to fellow Tesla enthusiast El Kelvinyang, Tesla China’s Global VP Grace Tao is said to have confirmed the news. It is understood that only Standard Range Plus Model 3 vehicles will be exported to Europe from Tesla’s auto manufacturing plant. These vehicles are also equipped with the company’s non-cobalt LFP cells.

Of Deslarati Tesla’s previous article on China’s Model 3 exports assumes that Giga will send vehicles to Europe by Shanghai train. Drone-operator Wow come on He had confirmed that the Model 3s with safety covers recorded in the video would be exported to Europe.

Tesla owner-activist Armand Verweck Model 3s made in China can be shipped to Europe by train because the vehicles are fitted with safety covers. Based on the comments below Of Deslarati The previous article estimated that it would take two weeks for the train to be shipped.

However, @ Ray 4 Tesla’s latest tweet about Giga exporting Shanghai Model 3 to Europe suggested that vehicles would arrive by sea instead. Estimates suggest that these vehicles will take about 30 days to reach Europe, meaning that the Model 3s will generate time for the company’s quarterly delivery drive.

Based on the information gathered, the Tesla Model 3 could be shipped to Europe and then to other locations by train. Or EV to speed up Model 3 deliveries from Giga Shanghai. The vehicle manufacturer can use both modes of transport.

Since the Model 3 is now being shipped to Europe, there seems to be a good chance that the Made-in-China Model Y will be shipped to the region from China. Tesla’s exports to China and Europe will decline as soon as Gigafactory begins production of the Berlin Model Y. Giga Berlin is scheduled to begin operations on Model Y production in 2021.

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