Miami Dolphins W.R. Preston Williams went to the injured reserve with a leg injury

Davy, Fla. – Miami Dolphins Receiver Preston Williams Brian Flores said Wednesday that he will be placed in injured reserves with a leg injury.

“We did some testing, which was a little more important than we initially thought,” Flores said. “It’s a big loss. Preston made a lot of plays for us in the first half of the season.”

Flores did not want to speculate on the length of Williams’ expectations, but he will miss at least three games with the injury after further tests confirm a more serious injury.

Williams suffered a leg injury when he overcame a defensive back injury in his touchdown catch in Sunday’s win against the Arizona Cardinals.

Jakim Grant Candidate to be elevated to the starting line-up in the absence of Williams. Senior Recipient Mac Hollins Will also see increased character, and he caught a touch down Dua Takovilova Sunday will replace Williams. Rookie recipients Lynn Botten Jr., Malcolm Perry And Kirk Merritt Will be looking for more opportunities to stay active on the sports day and contribute after Williams’ injury.

The Dolphins can promote Antonio Calve from the training team to the active list. Calway was suspended from the suspension after a 14-game suspension for multiple violations of the NFL’s drug abuse policy, and he was named one of the team’s four protected coaching staff this week.

Without Williams, who has 188 catches for 288 yards and four touchdowns this season, the team could become two more tight-fitting sets, Flores said.

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