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Melania Trump will appear at the Pennsylvania rally

First lady Melania TrumpMelania Trump says it’s not surprising that Trump got the corona virus after the Rose Garden incident, former adviser Melania Trump slandered ‘precious gossip’ – not wearing a mask to speak to reporters at the Del Cruz Capital On Tuesday, Erie will appear at a rally in Pa., NBC News.

It will be her first appearance at a rally for her husband in more than a year and the first public appearance of a corona virus sufferer.

The first lady is often off the campaign trail President TrumpDonald John Trumppolis, the man who hung Trump Tower Chicago to talk to Trump Fowzie, says Trump was ‘absolutely not surprised’ to receive the Corona virus after the Rose Garden incident.Other family members have appeared several times in support of his re-election campaign.


The first lady initially made several appearances at fundraising events for the presidential campaign last spring, but she has not made any virtual appearances since the onset of the corona virus epidemic. Trump is often disgusted with virtual events, unlike his opponent Joe BidenJoe Bidenbiden: Trump continues to lie to us about the Corona virus’ Because Trump calls the Biden family a ‘criminal entity’, undecided voters in Arizona are wary of Trump, wanting more stability.

Trump announced they both landed with the corona virus earlier this month. The president was hospitalized for a weekend, while the first lady is said to have a mild case of the disease.

Trump has stepped up his campaign events over the past week.

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