Anger Custom Wireless Charger for Unannounced Second-Gen Amazon Echo Buds Completely Leaked

Just yesterday, We saw what the FCC filed In a new Anchor Powerwave wireless charging pad, the unannounced second generation Echo Butts is referred to as wireless charging. That charger has been completely leaked to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) list Discovered by Kismosina.

The Now dragged WPC list The top of this post includes product presentation, which gives some hints about what the Echo Butts case will look like and some features of the pad. The charger appears to have an elongated indentation to rest on the wireless charging case of the Echo Buds, indicating that it has a different shape than the rectangular shape used in the case. Original Echo Butts. (We observed a similar elongated shape in the diagram of the pads included with the FCC filings.)

The charger case and earphones seem to have different charging indicators, which may be the easiest way to know at a glance if your Echo Butts are fully charged, but not the case. There is also a charging light labeled “phone” which illuminates when you place a phone on a pad.

It is not clear when this charging pad will be released, but the fact that it appeared in the WPC and FCC files indicates that it may be released soon. If this charging pad for the new Echo Buds is on the way, it suggests that the headphones may be announced immediately.

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