Everything we know about Eris, the Covid variant EG. 5 strain dominating the US as hospitalisations rise

Title: Emerging EG5 Variant Accounts for Rising Covid-19 Cases in the United States

A new variant of Covid-19, known as EG5, has gained significant attention in the United States as it now accounts for almost one-fifth of all cases. The emergence of this variant comes amidst an increase in hospital admissions due to the virus, further emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and monitoring. Experts believe EG5 possesses a mutation that aids in its spread, making it important to stay updated on the virus’ surveillance and sequencing.

According to recent data, EG5 accounted for 17.3% of American Covid-19 cases as of 5 August, a substantial increase from its presence of 7.5% in early July. This new variant has surpassed several Omicron descendants in terms of prevalence, causing concern among health officials. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a 12.5% rise in hospital admissions for the week ending 29 July, primarily attributed to increased social interactions during the summer months and declining immunity.

Despite the surge in EG5 cases, experts underscore that there is no need for immediate alarm. However, a cautious approach is crucial, as this variant’s characteristics warrant close monitoring. One challenge in understanding EG5’s impact is the limited availability of data, as many states have ceased reporting positive case rates after the end of the Covid-19 public health emergency. To address this concern, the World Health Organisation (WHO) included the EG5 lineage on its “variants under monitoring” list on 19 July.

Unique Attributes:
EG5 appears to possess a “slightly beneficial mutation” that contributes to its successful transmission, making it challenging to differentiate from other circulating strains. The symptoms and severity associated with EG5 are similar to those seen in other variants, further complicating identification efforts.

Prevention and Recommendations:
In light of the situation, the CDC advises individuals who test positive to isolate, wear masks, maintain good hygiene, and seek over-the-counter treatments for symptom relief. Efforts to track the spread and sequencing of the virus remain crucial, as emphasized by the WHO.

As the United States witnesses a significant surge in EG5 cases, it is important for individuals to remain vigilant in following preventive measures and public health guidelines. Ongoing monitoring, timely reporting, and surveillance efforts will play a critical role in understanding and controlling the spread of this emerging variant. The latest developments surrounding EG5 highlight the ongoing challenges in managing Covid-19 and serve as a reminder of the importance of adaptive responses in combating the pandemic.

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