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Google Set to Unveil Pixel Watch and New Pixel Phones at October 4 Event

New York City – In a much-anticipated event, Google is expected to announce the launch of its new Pixel Watch and the latest Pixel phones at the upcoming “Made by Google” event on October 4. However, keen-eyed social media users managed to catch a glimpse of the Pixel 8 Pro before the official unveiling.

It all started when users discovered a URL trick on X (formerly known as Twitter) that allowed them to access a 360-degree view of the rumored Pixel 8 Pro. By replacing the name of another Pixel phone in the website address with “Pixel 8 Pro,” they could see images and GIFs showcasing the new device in all its glory. Although Google has since fixed the issue, the leaked images quickly spread across various social media platforms.

Pictures of the Pixel 8 Pro reveal some interesting features. One notable addition is a temperature sensor located beside the camera on the back of the device. This sensor will likely provide additional functionality and data for users. Additionally, despite rumors of its removal, the Pixel 8 Pro will retain the SIM card slot, ensuring easy and convenient connectivity for users.

In terms of aesthetics, the Pixel 8 Pro will be available in three eye-catching colors: blue, gray, and black. These variations will allow users to personalize their devices to suit their individual preferences.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Google accidentally released a photo of the Pixel 8 Pro last week, sparking speculation that the leak might not be entirely accidental. This could be a strategic move by the tech giant to create buzz and generate excitement among potential buyers.

In other news, reports suggest that Google has exciting plans for the Pixel 8. Rumors indicate the device may come with a “desktop mode” feature that transforms it into a functional computer when connected to a docking station. Although details about the specifications of the Pixel 8 Pro are still uncertain, this leak provides a glimpse of what users can expect from the device.

It remains unclear if any information about the regular Pixel 8 was part of this leak. However, with Google’s consistent track record of delivering powerful and innovative smartphones, consumers can look forward to an impressive lineup of devices at the upcoming event.

As the Made by Google event approaches, excitement grows, and users eagerly anticipate Google’s official announcement regarding the Pixel Watch and the new Pixel phones. Stay tuned for more updates as Dodo Finance continues to track this story closely.

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