Dodo Finance Presents New AI Bots Inspired by ChatGPT, Created by Baidu and SenseTime

Chinese Tech Firms Baidu and SenseTime Launch AI Bots, Fueling Global AI Race

Chinese tech giants Baidu and SenseTime have made headlines with the launch of their AI bots, marking a significant milestone in the global AI race. Baidu’s ERNIE Bot is now available for public access, enabling users to conduct AI-powered searches and perform various tasks. This announcement has resulted in a surge in Baidu’s shares, rising 3.1% in New York and 4.7% in Hong Kong.

SenseTime has also joined the race by launching its SenseChat platform, which has led to a 4% surge in its shares in Hong Kong. Notably, China has been at the forefront of regulating generative AI, with the country publishing new rules in July, making it one of the first nations to control the industry.

Baidu, known for its pioneering efforts in generative AI, aims to capitalize on this emerging technology. It has been a frontrunner in China’s race to harness generative artificial intelligence, with competitors like Alibaba and SenseTime also announcing plans to launch their own ChatGPT-style tools.

However, critics raise concerns that these offerings from Chinese firms may intensify the US-China rivalry in emerging technologies. Baidu’s CEO, Robin Li, denies such comparisons and emphasizes that the platform is not a tool for confrontation.

Baidu’s service stands out due to its advanced grasp of Chinese queries and its ability to generate different types of responses. ERNIE Bot’s vast capabilities allow users to perform tasks efficiently and conduct AI-powered searches. SenseTime, on the other hand, offers features that enable users to write code more efficiently or receive personalized medical advice.

While both Baidu’s ERNIE Bot and SenseTime’s SenseChat can be used globally, the interface primarily supports Chinese. This ensures better comprehension of Chinese language nuances and local context. As the global AI race escalates, Chinese firms continue to push boundaries, driving advancements in technology that have the potential to shape various industries around the world.

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