Dodo Finance: Netflix Turns Down Googles 10% In-App Purchase Offer on Android

Netflix Declines Special Offer from Google, Citing Potential Financial Loss

Netflix, the popular streaming service, recently turned down a special offer from Google that would have allowed the company to keep 90 percent of its revenue. The offer, which consisted of a discounted rate of 10 percent for in-app payments on Android, was declined by Netflix due to projected financial losses.

Despite the tempting discount, Netflix estimated that accepting the offer would result in a staggering $250 million loss in just one year. This substantial figure ultimately proved too risky for the streaming giant, as it projected its own payment system would be more cost-effective than Google’s.

Although Google did not comment on the specific offer made to Netflix, the tech giant shared that it often provides different rates to developers. This suggests that Netflix’s decline may not be a unique occurrence. However, it is interesting to note that Netflix did agree to a similar offer from Apple.

In contrast to Google’s proposed rate, Apple’s deal allows Netflix to retain 85 percent of its revenue on iOS, with Apple taking only a 15 percent cut. This agreement is rather unusual considering the typical industry standard, where Apple charges developers a standard 30 percent fee.

The decision by Netflix to accept the offer from Apple can be attributed to the streaming service’s analysis of user behavior. With a high number of iOS users in the United States being accustomed to streaming services, Netflix believed it would still be able to thrive and attract a significant user base despite the reduced revenue share with Apple.

It remains to be seen how Netflix’s decision will impact its relationship with Google and whether the streaming giant’s own payment system will prove to be the wiser choice in the long run. As streaming services continue to dominate the entertainment industry, it is clear that revenue-sharing agreements play a crucial role in shaping the competitive landscape.

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