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Title: Bethesda’s Starfield to Receive DLSS Upscaling and Other Updates, Hotfix to Address Bugs and Stability

Subtitle: Partnership with Nvidia enables Bethesda to enhance Starfield’s visuals and gameplay, while bug fixes and stability improvements are on the way

Bethesda, the renowned game developer, has announced plans to incorporate Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) upscaling technique into its highly anticipated game, Starfield. This exciting update brings cutting-edge visuals to players, elevating their gaming experience.

As part of the update, Bethesda will also introduce several other features to enhance gameplay. These include brightness and contrast controls, an FOV (Field of View) slider, support for ultrawide monitors, and even an “eat” button for food-related activities in the game. These additions promise to make Starfield more immersive and captivating for players.

However, before these updates make their way into the game, Bethesda will release a hotfix to address existing bugs and improve overall stability. The hotfix specifically focuses on enhancing stability during installations on Xbox Series X / S consoles, along with various stability and performance enhancements. Questline fixes have also been implemented to ensure that players no longer get blocked while progressing through quests, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

The introduction of DLSS support in Starfield was made possible due to the collaboration between Bethesda and AMD. As part of their “exclusive PC partner” status for Starfield, AMD allowed Bethesda to incorporate Nvidia’s DLSS technology into the game, providing players with higher-quality visuals and improved performance.

To further optimize the game’s performance on Nvidia GPUs, the company recently released a driver update specifically tailored for Starfield. This update is expected to boost the game’s performance and offer an improved gaming experience for Nvidia users.

Recognizing the importance of strong partnerships, Bethesda is actively working with industry-leading companies such as Nvidia, AMD, and Intel on driver support. With each update, gamers can expect stability and performance enhancements, ensuring Starfield continues to deliver a seamless and engaging gameplay experience.

Looking ahead, Bethesda plans to introduce official mod support for Starfield in 2024. Modders have already demonstrated their creativity by adding DLSS to the game, showcasing its potential in enhancing visual fidelity. However, with the forthcoming official mod support, players can expect more comprehensive control over DLSS quality levels, enabling them to tailor the game’s visuals to their preferences.

As the release of Starfield approaches, Bethesda’s commitment to delivering a top-notch, immersive gaming experience remains evident. The integration of Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technique, along with various other updates and bug fixes, demonstrates the studio’s dedication to ensuring a polished and enjoyable gameplay experience for players.

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