You can now register to test Microsoft Air Simulator on VR

New Microsoft Flight Simulator PC game is the fastest beast, we can only imagine how deep it will be in VR – but you do not have to spend much time imagining because it is Microsoft. Signatures open (Via Eurocomer) To the closed beta of the virtual reality experience.

There are some requirements you may want to consider. You’ll need to own the game, own a Windows hybrid reality headset, be a registered Microsoft flight simulator “insider” and not only sign up for an NDA, you’ll need a slightly more Pfier PC than the basic game – with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 or 8GB VRAM, as well as 16GB system memory.

Also, by submitting your DxDiag you need to prove that your PC is eligible (press your Windows start button, type “dxdiag” and press Enter) so Microsoft can confirm those specifications and your computer will not be subject to BSODs or other major errors. .

(The DxDiag file is basically just a list of your computer, but it also lists the latest application crashes.)

Ironically, you do not seem to need the HP Reverb G2 specific headset Microsoft said first Get the first tips in the game. Any Windows hybrid reality headset will obviously make a start, it should be clean for those who have had deep discounts on products like Lenovo Explorer and Samsung Odyssey for the past two years.

The company has not said when the closed beta will start, but it has previously promised a free VR update this fall, so it won’t be long. If you have an Oculus, HTC or other VR headset available, other devices will have a second wave of closed beta.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft wants to be wary of the VR rollout because the game initially tended to eat powerful gaming PCs for lunch. Even our Nvidia RTX 3080 is not big enough to run it in full slot, To some extent we did not connect it to the CPU fast enough. We’ve seen some framerate improvements in the latest updates, so VR may not be the biggest extension this holiday season. Maybe it will give you more time Find an airplane stick.

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