You can finally see Denet from the security of your home in December

Of Christopher Nolan Denet, The thriller that bends the big budget time that came during the plague to domestic box office numbers, is scheduled for a December 15 home release, Warner Bros. Pictures announced Thursday.

The film hit theaters starting in August after several delays, and as many studios have done, Warner Bros. decided not to take on next year’s release. Denet It has grossed $ 350 million worldwide so far, but Nolan and Warner Bros. hoped to find the best screenplay for a film with a budget of over $ 200 million.

‘S poor performance Denet It is said that its quality is not – critics generally prefer this, a Rotten tomatoes score 71 percent – But for COVID-19 and theater closures. Theater audiences fear the risk of seeing the film in a crowded indoor environment, or theaters are not allowed to open in one part of the United States or abroad. This film is just in the United States. 53.8 million.

Now, after months of struggling to turn the film from a failure to a financial success, Warner Bros. has decided to take the video-on-demand and home publishing path, a Smart action critics have been arguing in favor for months now. It is not clear how much the film will cost from digital storefronts; Warner Bros. did not say. But it says it will be pre-ordered from digital and physical retailers from November 10th.

Warner Bros. also released a price break for the physics version:

  • 4K UHD Combo Pack – $ 44.95
  • Blu-ray – $ 35.99
  • DVD – $ 28.98

Warner Bros. owns WarnerMedia, the AT&T division, which also features HBO and its newly released HBO Max streaming platform. I mean we could see Denet Join HBO Max at some point in the future. But AT&T did not disclose when, and will first try to cover some of the costs by selling physical and digital copies. Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to a request for comment DenetAttendance at streaming services.

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