Xbox Failed to beat Series X during PlayStation 5 custom SST loading

Video gaming website GameSpot recently compiled loading times for some backward compatible games on the next gen consoles. The results are shocking Xbox Series X. This feature beats the PlayStation 5 comfortably.

These are the loading times for backward compatible games on the next gen consoles:

Series X – 1 minute 4 seconds

PS 5- 1 minute 5 seconds

Series X- 48 seconds

PS 5- 1 minute 10 seconds

Series X- 42 seconds

PS5- 57 seconds

Series X- 35 seconds

PS5- 51 seconds

Series X- 58 seconds

PS 5- 1 minute 7 seconds

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Mark Cherni’s claim on the PlayStation 5 custom SST “Blink, you’ll miss it”

Mark Cherni, PS5’s chief architect had previously said that PS5’s custom SST “instant” load times were added with that in mind. Sony has always boasted that the PS5 is “super fast SST” and that it is faster than the Xbox Series X.

However, recent results tell a different story. With the exception of Red Dead Redemption 2, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X seems to have more to do with loading backwards compatible games.

On paper, it is worth noting that the Xbox Series X has always had better specifications than the PS5. The Xbox Series X has a better CPU and GPU than the PS5.

Will we see a similar difference in the loading times of the next gen games?

Although the Xbox Series X lags behind in loading current-gen games, the PS5 is not a weak console. The gap between two console generations severely affects the console’s ability to run games.

In simple terms, the PS5 is specifically customized to load and run next-gen games. According to some of the leaked videos, it can load features like Spider-Man: Miles Morals more efficiently with customizations. As a result, backward compatible games are not the best indicator of console performance.

However, this also applies to the Xbox Series X. No games have been customized for Microsoft’s next gen console, but it’s still PS5’s “high-speed SST” Won.

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Following these results, the console war became more intense than ever. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S does not have the best exclusive titles at its disposal, however, their performance is enough to beat the PS5.

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