Woman close to Vatican cardinal arrested in corruption investigation

The VaticanRotates Corruption investigation Arrested on an international warrant has taken a mysterious new turn Sardinian The woman said she was close to someone Holy SeeThe most powerful cardinals before his fall.

Italy’s financial police said on Wednesday that Cecilia Marogna had been arrested in Milan late Tuesday on a warrant issued by the Vatican city government. An official with Cardia de Finanza, who did not want to be named, said the agency had no further information as authorities had executed the warrant on behalf of a foreign country, the Vatican.

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In recent weeks Italian newspapers once reported at the Vatican State Secretariat that No. 2 Cardinal Angelo Pescio had donated hundreds of thousands of euros from the Holy See fund to Moroccan-based Slovenian-based consulting firm Africa and Asia for humanitarian operations.

Reports, including interviews with Morocco, identify the 39-year-old as a political analyst and intelligence expert who approached Becky in 2015, with concerns about security for Vatican embassies in hotspots, quickly being brought into the cardinal’s inner circle.

In four years, PCO has paid its 500,000 euros in compensation, travel refunds and consultation fees, Margna told courier Della Cera. He defended some luxury expenses – for example designer pocket books – “for the wife of a Nigerian friend who was talking to the president of Burkina Faso.”

Besiu, who was fired last month after admitting that Pope Francis had sent 100,000 euros in Vatican money to his brother-led charity, has insisted that his dealings with Morocco are legitimate.

In a statement issued by his attorney on October 7, Besiu said that “contacts with Cecilia Marrokna are strictly related to corporate affairs.”

Morocco’s arrest was believed by Vatican lawyers last year to be part of a broader corruption investigation into the Holy See’s 350 million investment in a London real estate venture, largely funded by donations from believers.

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Vatican prosecutors are investigating a handful of Italian mediators accused of embezzling tens of thousands of euros from the Holy See while incompetent Vatican managers were standing by.

Vatican attorneys have not yet charged anyone, and their case appears to be fraught with loopholes and potential conflicts, as Holy See’s superiors approved agreements with intermediaries that gave them the right to vote on the deal, as well as huge administrative fees.

To that extent, it is not immediately clear what charges Marogna could face if he receives counseling fees approved by the BCCI, which is authorized at will to manage the State Property Secretariat, by none other than the Secretary, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Peggy was an “alternative” to the State Secretariat from 2011-2018, at which time the original real estate was invested. But his replacement and current No. 2 actually signed the last phase of the deal that cost the Vatican so much money.

When Francis Pecky was fired last month, he revoked his rights and privileges as a cardinal, meaning that neither Pecky nor his replacement could be formally identified as a suspect, which could eventually be judged by Vatican magistrates.

Beiju, who claims to be from Marogna Sardinia, has denied the allegations and defended the original investment as sound.

The Vatican criminal investigation is extraordinary, surrounded by leaks to the Italian media, which have often reported positively on the progress of the investigation and Francis’ financial clean-up efforts. For example, last week, on an Italian intelligence television show, Vatican documents described the transfer of Vatican wire to Morocco’s company and the expenses he incurred in high-end boutiques such as Poltrona Fra and Chanel.

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Italian Vatican commentator Luis Patila writes on the Vatican blog Ile Seismograph that he is the head of the Vatican Criminal Tribunal, a former Italian magistrate and editor-in-chief of Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, which was exposed last month for Becky’s ouster.

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