With the town hall debate canceled, Biden and Trump are seeking their own town halls

Like almost everything Trump involved, his plans are subject to change.

Sources close to the planning say that Trump’s team is in talks with the NBC over a city hall. Savannah Kudri, co-host of “Today”, will officiate. But those sources said the condition was imposed because the event was tested negative for the corona virus.

The downhall will be in an outdoor setting in Miami, similar to the one recently hosted with NBC Biden, the sources added.

A network where Trump worked has not yet received any announcements from the NBC, but he routinely attacks with a news outlet whose commercial company, Comcast, calls itself “Concast” – or campaign.

Biden’s plan is very firm. He is scheduled to attend Thursday night at 8pm at a town hall on the ABC managed by George Stephanopoulos.

In light of Trump’s corona virus disease, the ABC and Biden campaign announced the event on October 8, the same turbulent day that the Debate Commission transformed the long-planned debate into a “virtual” format. Trump hurriedly said he would not attend, and his campaign aides at the Presidential Debates Commission scolded him for changing the design without any consultation.

So Biden Camp called ABC, which created a town hall with Trump in September and wanted to do this with Biden.

“He, Donald Trump, refused to attend a virtual town hall, so we planned a National Network Town Hall so Joe Biden could take questions from voters,” Fiden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Beddingfield told CNN’s Union State.

The Trump campaign, which has lagged far behind in elections, maneuvered to get the debate back on the calendar and in person. At one point the campaign proposed to move the remaining two debates to one week each, October 22 and 29.

But the two-party commission did not publicly accept the proposal. Biden’s campaign rejected it, arguing that Beddingfield “agreed to these dates in June and would not allow him to try to rewrite the rules at the last minute.”

Commission on October 9th The townhall stopped the debate. “Both candidates have agreed to participate in the October 22 debate,” the commission said.
Commission member Newton Minow, sometimes described as the father of televised debates, Told The New York Times: “In seven decades of televised presidential debates, this is the first debate to be canceled. The loser is the American voter.”
2020 Presidential Debates Quick Facts

Republican officials and Fox commentators have hit out at the commission in recent days. Republican National Committee chairwoman Rona McDonnell told CBS that the “corruption” commission “interferes with the ability to see these two candidates being discussed.”

“There are Republicans on that commission,” said arbitrator Margaret Brennan, “because the decision was made in part because of health reasons.”

“Well, they’re not impartial Republicans,” McDonnell said. “Those Republicans were very critical of this president.”

Messaging from Trump allies is everywhere, and White House Deputy Communications Director Brian Morkenstern said Sunday that the debate over Trump’s decision to withdraw should be reconsidered.

“The president is ready for the debate and his doctors have allowed him to participate in public engagement,” Morkenstern told reporters Sunday. “They said he was no longer in danger of spreading, so it would be better if the commission withdrew the discussion on schedule.”

Otherwise, Morganstern said, Trump would hold a town hall – a reference to the NBC event.

Jason Miller, a senior adviser on the Trump campaign, told Fox on Friday that “we’re really going to be on multiple networks at once.”

This is because NBC simulates Trump Town Hall in its cable properties, MSNBC and CNBC, as well as broadcasting its October 5 event with Biden. The event had a total of 6.7 million viewers on TV, and was also shown on NBC and Telemundo’s digital platforms.

“We’re going to have a much bigger audience than Joe next Thursday,” Miller added.

The planned downhall-type debate has reached at least 60 million viewers, which is explored by the September debate and estimates for past election cycles.

Both Biden and Trump will settle for a much smaller audience by holding their town hall on Thursday.

– Caitlin Collins, Jason Hoffman and Arlett Sense of CNN contributed to the report.

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