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Wisconsin Supreme Court allows Greens to withdraw from presidential polls and send ballots in a timely manner

“We cannot provide meaningful relief without making the election completely regrettable,” the Supreme Court wrote in its 4-3 conclusion.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin ordered a halt to the sending of ballots to local clerks – creating a stalemate and threatening to halt mail-in voting practices in the state of major wars. Wisconsin state law clerks must send ballots to voters by Thursday.

“The current state of affairs is such that municipal clerks have sent hundreds and thousands of ballots that are not already there. Ordering new ballots to print is an expensive and time consuming process that will not allow districts and municipalities to meet the legal deadline for delivering and sending ballots,” the Supreme Court wrote Monday.

The court split differently than it did last week, with a conservative judiciary forming a majority with three Liberals on Monday.

The court added that ordering local clerks to add Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins to the ballot at this late stage would “create a substantial chance of confusion among voters who have already voted and may withdraw the original ballot.”

Democrats say the ruling was a victory for their candidate, Joe Biden, because Hawkins may have played spoiler in 2016 in one of the closest margins.

It is a breaking story and will be updated.

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