Wiersma to talk to schools about banning cellphones


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Minister Wiersma will talk to schools about the possibility of banning cell phones in classrooms. In the House of Representatives, he acknowledged that cellphones can disrupt classes, but he also stressed that it was up to the schools themselves to develop policy in this regard. “That space is there and the schools also occupy that space.”

Wiersma also acknowledged that it can be confusing when, in a school, one teacher encourages the use of mobile phones in class and the other does not. The ministry is already helping schools on the issue of cell phone use. But he wants to intensify these talks, he said after a motion from the CDA and the PVV. He leaves his judgment on this motion to the judgment of the House, which in practice means that he can live with it.

CDA MP Peters and his PVV colleague Beertema have been criticizing the use of mobile phones in class for some time now. Their motion states that “properly tracking education with a smartphone nearby is in fact impossible and there is a broad consensus that smartphones in the classroom are highly problematic.”

According to the motion, the cabinet should discuss with schools and other parties how smartphones can be banned in classrooms and whether a nationwide ban will help.” This motion is likely to win a majority in the House.

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