Why it’s important to get the flu this year

West Jordan – a New survey Reveals that only 59% of American adults plan to receive Influenza vaccine This year, according to the National Trust for Infectious Diseases. Health officials say that number is about numbers, making it more important than ever to vaccinate people, as the flu season and current corona virus infections are intertwined.

Glad Sander and Cole Wild returned to school in person. “It’s so easy, I can ask the teacher for help,” 10-year-old Xander explained.

But their parents, Michael and Josh Wilde, make the difficult decision.

“Kids – they touch everything and send it to each other,” Michael explained, explaining her reluctance.

That’s why she puts safety first in her mind. She and Josh took their families to the local “Boo the Flu” clinic at Pennian Elementary School in West Jordan to get fever shots.

According to Michael Wilde, the school usually connects parent / teacher conferences to the clinic, making it easier to remember. “I go to school anyway. The whole family is with me anyway. It’s so easy to go inside and fill out the paperwork,” he explained.

Although Xander and Cole were a little scared, they understood the importance and were willing to cooperate with an ice cream boost.

Michael Wilde says he is vaccinating his children to help protect his extended family members who have weakened immune systems, including his grandfather.

“I don’t want to smuggle anything into them, it will make them very sick or land them in the hospital,” he said.

Tamara Sheffield of Intermount Healthcare, director of community health and preventive medicine, says this year’s flu outbreak is more important than ever.

“We can’t have influenza circulation and COVID at the same time, and we have a vaccine that prevents influenza and prevents those hospitals and deaths,” he explained.

He said flu vaccines can reduce the burden on our overall health care system by preventing people from being tested, going to the emergency room or using hospital beds.

“We need to save those resources for those with COVID-19,” he stressed.

Despite the rumors, Sheffield clarified: “If you get the flu vaccine, it does not increase your risk of getting COVID-19.”

He encourages anyone 6 months of age and older to be shot in October before the flu season arrives in November and December, and recommends high doses for people 65 and older.

“Because as you age, your immune system does not work properly, and you need extra stimulation of the vaccine to help you develop immunity,” he explained.

Sheffield believes Utons will play their part in reducing the spread of the two COVID-19 And fever. “The way we can turn it into a mild season is to prevent respiratory infections by using all the tools,” he said. “One of the best tools we have is vaccines.”

He encourages people to wear masks, wash their hands, and pursue social distance.

Michael Wilde wants to keep his children happy and healthy, “he said, adding that he’s committed to providing them with the greatest protection possible, but also allowing them to be children, play with friends and learn in person.”

After getting his shot, 6-year-old Cole said, “It really was faster than I thought!”

“The more people who can get the shot and the more people who can wear the mask and social distance, the more we can come back to see the people we like,” Michael said.

Intermountain Healthcare offers drive-through flu shot clinics that allow people to be vaccinated without leaving their own car. To find the nearest Drive-Thru location or walking pharmacy, visit


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