Why do you have to yawn when you see someone else doing it?

Yawning or yawning is contagious. According to science, it is very easy to explain. It is said that if you see someone else yawning, you are six times more likely to yawn too. This would have to do with the concept of the social mirror. You are copying someone else’s behavior.

scratch or laugh

It can also happen if someone else is scratching or laughing. Your mirror neurons are put to work at this time. What you see or feel is related to certain behaviors (scratching, yawning). Often it is also a form of social communication and thus social relations become closer.

complex reflex

Everyone yawns sometimes, especially when we’re tired. In science, yawning is considered a complex reflex. It is triggered by contextual changes and neurophysiological changes. This often happens when transitioning from sleeping to waking, or vice versa. Yawning would bring alertness and therefore make you feel more awake. In addition, the change in temperature in the brain would also be at the origin of the triggering of yawning. So there are two types: yawning that occurs as a result of a physiological change and yawning that occurs when you see someone else yawning.

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