White House unleashes on Fassi after criticizing Atlas and Trump’s epidemic

“Dr. Fucci, a senior member of the president’s corona virus task force and who has praised President (Donald) Trump’s actions throughout the epidemic, said choosing three days before an election to play politics is unacceptable and violates all rules,” said White House Undersecretary of State Judd Deere Saturday evening .My My.

Dior took issue with Fowzie’s comments praising Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. The Democratic nominee’s campaign “takes it seriously from a public health perspective,” Fucci told the Post. Trump, Fucci says, “looks at it from a different angle.” The perspective is “re-opening the economy and the country,” he said.

“As a member of the working group, Dr. Fucci has an obligation to express concerns or make a change in strategy, but he does not, and instead chooses to criticize the president in the media and praise his political leanings, as expected by the American people from The Swamp,” Deere said.

Fucci, a leading member of the government’s corona virus response, told the Post that the United States needed to make a “sudden change” in public health practices and behavior. He said the country could cross 100,000 new corona virus cases a day and the death toll would increase in the coming weeks.

“Dr. Fossie knows that today’s risks are dramatically lower than the death toll that fell more than 80% a few months ago. The Trump administration, through the work of the task force, has the ability to continuously test, protect BPE, staff and victims, reopen schools and ground conditions,” he said. Responding. ”

In an interview with the Post on Friday, Fassi criticized Atlas, a neuroscientist and Trump’s hand-picked corona virus consultant, for his lack of expertise.

“I have real issues with that guy,” Fucci said. “He’s a brilliant guy, I believe he has no real intelligence or knowledge or experience. When you split it up and analyze it, it makes no sense.”

Atlas responded to Fuci on Twitter, tweeting Saturday night: #security #EmbarrassingHimself #Exposed #CantThrowABall #NoTimeForPolitics.

Fassi issued a stern warning about the rise of the Govt-19 as it travels across the country in the fall and winter.

“We get a lot of injuries, which is not a good situation,” Fucci told the Post. “As you go through the fall and winter all the stars are aligned in the wrong place and people are gathering in the house. You can not be positioned any worse.”

On Saturday, Dear dismissed the warning, saying “Dr. Fucci admits that he fears the disease could be worse than the disease and that he does not trust the American people to make the best choice for themselves, unlike the president.

Fucci’s comments came on the same day that the United States announced 99,321 new Govt-19 cases Maximum single day cases registered for any country. As of Saturday evening, the death toll from the epidemic in the country stood at 230,000.
Meanwhile, 29 states set new records this month for the most recent daily cases since the outbreak. According to data from Johns Hopkins University.
Fossie’s assessment of the country’s handling of the epidemic is similar to that of Trump Continued to insist on holding large rallies – including four in Pennsylvania on Saturday alone – draws attention to the fact that it dangerously violates the safety guidelines of its own experts at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Americans dare to hold him accountable on election day.
This is not the first time Fucci has disagreed with the Trump administration on how to deal with the epidemic. Earlier this month, Trashed President Fossey as a “disaster” and made unsubstantiated corona virus claims in a campaign call.

Trump, referring to Fossie and other health officials as “idiots”, declared that the country was ready to move forward from the health catastrophe, even though medical experts warned that the worst was yet to come.

Trump portrayed the recommendations made by his own administration to mitigate the spread of the disease as a burden annoyance, basically claiming that more than half a million people in the United States would die if Fassi took responsibility.

“People are tired of Govt. I have the biggest rallies I’ve ever had, we have Govt,” Trump said, calling with campaign staff from a hotel named after him in Las Vegas, where he spent two nights facing a westward swing. “What people say. Leave us alone. They get tired of it. People get tired of listening to Fossie and these idiots.”

During the Post interview, Fossie noted that he should be careful in his responses or prevent further appearances.

Fossie and others said they were concerned about the country’s regions, which were not prepared to deal with another outbreak of infections because they had limits that could treat patients in intensive care beds and nurses in large numbers.

“It’s more about some states like Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota. Where … they never had intensive care beds and things like that. I hope they’re right, but it’s still a risk, when you increase in size too much. , They are going to lose capacity, ”Fucci said.

CNN’s Jason Hoffman, Maywe Reston, Guidlon Collins and Kevin Liptack contributed to the report.

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