Where can you watch ‘Yellowjackets’ (2021-) online in the Netherlands?

Many movie and series enthusiasts are wondering how to get the watch Yellowjackets (2021-) series online power, ability. It became the new Lost and revolves around four women who survived a plane crash 25 years ago and then had to survive in the desert. The acclaimed series appeared on US TV channel Showtime, but where can you watch it in the Netherlands? In this article, we indicate if, at the time of writing, this title can be viewed on streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, CineMember, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, NLZIET, Pathé Thuis, SkyShowtime, Viaplay, Videoland or if streaming on another video on demand platform is possible.

Watch ‘Yellowjackets’ Online: Which Streaming Services Can Do That?

yellow jackets is a spine-chilling thriller series whose second season is in full swing. The first episode of this one appeared on March 24 on the American television channel Showtime, the last will be on May 21. But how can you see this in the Netherlands? Although the series is owned by Showtime Networks and this film studio is owned by the owner of SkyShowtime, you cannot find it on any streaming service here at the time of writing. Still, you can go here yellow jackets watch using a good VPN. Read explanations and tips on using a VPN here.

In short, it works very simply: a VPN is an anonymous internet connection that ensures your privacy is guaranteed. This allows you to set the location signal emitted by your device. Are you setting up your VPN in the United States? Then a website thinks you are in the United States and therefore you can just go to yellow jackets watch on US streaming service Showtime Anytime. In America, the series can also be streamed (sometimes for an additional fee) via Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play. In a few simple steps, using a VPN works as follows:

  1. Go to NordVPN Or go to Surfshark (or another provider) and get a good VPN from just €2 per month
  2. Set your location in the United States via the app
  3. Go directly to yellow jackets on the Showtime Anytime streaming service and start watching! 🍿

Currently, this method offers the only option we know of to watch the series online from the Netherlands. The streaming options are listed below.

🌎 View anytime Read all about streaming with a VPN right away. The Showtime Anytime streaming service is not available from the Netherlands, but with a good VPN you can access the video-on-demand platform in the United States. He does yellow jackets is currently part of the offer.
⛔️ netflix Unfortunately, you cannot watch the series on Netflix.
⛔️ Amazon Prime Video With a subscription to Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, you cannot watch this title at the time of writing.
⛔️ Disney+ As a Disney+ subscriber, you can watch movies and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star. However, this title is currently unavailable.
⛔️ HBO Max HBO Max streams movies and series from HBO, Warner Bros., DC, Cartoon Network, Max Originals and many more in the Netherlands. However, you are not currently watching this title.
⛔️ Pathé Home You can rent or buy a wide range of films at Pathé Thuis without a subscription, but this title is not visible there.
🔜 sky show appears in America yellow jackets on the Showtime television channel and its Showtime Anytime streaming service. These are both part of Paramount Global and this falls under ViacomCBS, the company behind SkyShowtime. So there is a chance that yellow jackets will come to this video-on-demand platform in the Netherlands in the future, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.
⛔️ through the game Viaplay is known for its wide range of sports, but there are also plenty of movies and series to watch. However, this title is not included in the offer at the time of writing.
⛔️ video land The series is currently not available in Videoland’s offer.

Watch the ‘Yellowjackets’ series online for free

From the above Insight it seems like yellow jackets in our last check not on Amazon Prime Video, not on Apple TV+, not on Canal+ Series, not on CineMember, not on Disney+, not on HBO Max, not on Netflix, not on NLZIET, not on Pathé Thuis, not on SkyShowtime, cannot be seen on Viaplay and not on Videoland.

The availability of a free the ability to watch movies and series like this title on streaming services depends on the subscription model applied. In our overview of all streaming services in the Netherlands you will find more information about these options and you can also consult the list of costs per video service to find out how much a subscription currently costs. Also, in our article on watching movies and series for free on streaming services, we mentioned where you can currently use free trials and how you can claim the maximum discount on a subscription.

History of “yellow vests” (2021-)

A soccer team of super-talented high school girls become the (un)lucky survivor of a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness.

Series Streaming Information

Title yellow jackets
year 2021-
Kind Series
Duration 2 seasons
Language English
Gender Drama, Horror
Creators Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson
discard Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Ella Purnell, Sophie Nélisse, Sophie Thatcher, Samantha Hanratty, Steven Krueger, Warren Kole, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis, Keeya King, Kevin Alves, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Courtney Eaton, Liv Hewson, Jane Widdop, Alexa Barajas, Luciano Leroux

Note: Using a VPN to stream movies and series is not illegal in the Netherlands, but accessing different libraries of a streaming service may violate the terms of service. If you stream content using a VPN, you do so at your own risk. Streamwijzer and VPN providers do not encourage the use of a VPN in any way that may violate the terms and conditions of the streaming services. Always even read the terms of use.

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