What’s Going On With Beyond Good & Evil 2 Anyway?

When a video game is in the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s almost always cool for the developer. The best-selling game of all time, the biggest game of all time, the game with the highest production budget of all time. All the things you can be proud of in one form or another. But no one wants to carry the title “Game that has been in development the longest”. And yet Ubisoft Montpellier will have to do it. After all, they’re responsible for Beyond Good & Evil 2. A game that’s still not finished after sixteen years of tinkering. And far from it. When the message arrived this week that an investigation by the French Labor Inspectorate is underway because many employees are walking around with a burnout, then you know something is seriously wrong. But what? JJ went to the web and created the following video.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a so-called “development hell”

What about the sequel to the cult hit Beyond Good & Evil? The fact that there was a sequel was a miracle in itself. After all, despite overwhelmingly favorable reviews, only 500,000 copies of the game were sold. And then that’s usually the end of the story. Not here. How is it possible? Why was famed studio boss Ancell allowed to work on the sequel. And why was there never any intervention when the game was not over? JJ looked into the matter and came up with a hypothesis.

Will the game ever be released?

Of course, it also answers the question of whether Beyond Good & Evil 2 will ever be released. Because Ubisoft claims loud and clear that it will happen, says nothing, according to him. There is always a way out. On the other hand, tinkering with a game for 16 years and then doing nothing with it is a huge bucket of cash in the sea of ​​thunder. And nobody wants that. What’s going to happen? Click the play button and you will get the answer.

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