What is this Dutch Audi A6 Allroad TDI doing in America?

We would have liked to describe here the epic adventure of a heroic Dutchman and his Audi A6 Allroad, but the truth is that we have no idea what this yellow-plate diesel is doing in America. We also don’t know why you would take an A6 TDI to the United States. This Audi A6 in Los Angeles is a special sight.

The license plate does not tell us much and the license plate holder is also not legible in the original photos. Otherwise, we could have called the garage. Do you have the golden tip? So let us know. We are very curious about the history of this Dutch Audi A6 TDI in America. For enthusiasts: it is a 2.7 liter V6 with 163 hp and 450 Nm and an 80 liter diesel tank.

Inspection expired this week

This is an Audi A6 Allroad TDI with the year of construction 2011 which arrived in the name of the current (private) owner in January 2021. The MOT expired last week, but we suspect that the agents at United States will not know very soon. How long the Dutch Audi has been in the USA, we dare not say. Just that he can’t be there for more than a year under US law.

What are the possibilities ?

It’s quite a special (and expensive) thing to have shipped to America such an old Audi A6 Allroad and then also a diesel worth around 10,000 euros. Perhaps the owner arrived by yacht or freighter from the Netherlands and the car was on board. Or maybe it was an expat who demanded that his employer bring his own car to America.

In America, a Ferrari F40 also drives with Dutch license plates, but these are no longer valid license plates. These were on the car when the Ferrari was exported to the US and the owner thought they were cool. This Audi A6 still really looks like it belongs to a Dutchman, but unfortunately we still owe you the ‘why’.

You see more American cars in the Netherlands

You often see it the other way around: an expat buys a car in America and moves it to the Netherlands. Cars in America are cheaper and if you move (back) to the Netherlands, you can take a car with you without paying taxes. For example, a BMW 3 series with American plates was driven for some time in the Netherlands with ‘BPMVRIJ’ on it.

BMW with American license plate BPM FREE

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