What are the popular holiday destinations for Spaniards this summer?

It is expected that 80% of Spaniards will enjoy a few days of vacation this summer. On the other hand, 8% of them will wait until the very last minute to decide, depending on their budget. There is a small group of 9% who do not intend to travel. This is the result of a study carried out by Jetcost, a search engine for flights and hotels, with the aim of understanding the vacation plans of Spaniards for the next summer season.

The report shows that July is the new favorite holiday month, overtaking August. Forty percent of Spaniards plan their holidays during this seventh month of the year, while 35% choose to travel in August. June also sees a surge in popularity with 14% of people choosing to travel then and 10% sticking to their vacation plans through September.

Speaking of vacation length, 32% of people planned to take a trip of up to five days; 27% plan to be away for a week; 25% plan to travel between 8 and 15 days and only 17% plan a trip duration of between 15 days and one month. In terms of expenses, the average per person is 1,085 euros.

Hotels are the most popular accommodation choice, even more so than renting an apartment. Other possible options include aparthotels, rural houses and camping. When it comes to the choice of transport, the private car tops the list. The other most popular options are air travel, bus travel, train travel and sailing.

When it comes to holiday destinations, almost 70% of Spaniards prefer national destinations to international ones. However, there is a small group that combines both types of destinations. Destinations with sun and sand are the most popular, followed by major cities, then destinations in the interior or in mountainous areas.

For international travel, Europe remains the first choice according to analysis from Jetcost, while for long-distance travel, Spaniards tend to look to exotic destinations and other popular destinations this year. The most popular European destinations among Spaniards this summer are: Paris, Rome, London, Athens, Amsterdam, Malta, Milan, Berlin, Lisbon and Brussels.

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