What a “bull” from Russia – Dogplot Suriname

Gregory Russia, leader of the National Party of Suriname (NPS) and member of parliament, is against giving land to foreign powers. It is a pity that he does not go beyond to give the full facts, even though he knows the history.

The National Party has often chaired the Foreign Ministry, for ten years, and several times in the distant past, as have Ligia Krak-Kedeldijk and Mary Levens. So Russia needs to be well versed in the nuances of international affairs.

The Government intends to allot a piece of land to the Government of India for the purpose of establishing a cultural centre. The site on Lachmonstraat was already allocated by the previous government, but the formalities have not been completed here. Now people want to do it with a specific goal.

Russia has said that its party will do everything in its power to ensure that parts of the country are not handed over to foreign powers. He also referred to the international Vienna Convention, which imposes an obligation on Suriname to render facilities to foreign powers.

Treaty of Vienna

According to Dwight Gee, the Vienna Convention is not a regulatory instrument governing how countries should treat land ownership in other countries. The Vienna Convention is actually an international regulatory instrument governing the rights and duties of diplomatic representatives such as ambassadors, consuls and other diplomatic posts.

While some provisions on the functions or privileges of national representatives may relate to private interests and landed property, the Vienna Convention regulates these activities only in terms of diplomatic relations between states.

So read properly it is possible based on good diplomatic relations. Countries can hold assets abroad in various forms.

For example, it could be an economic investment, such as owning businesses or factories in the country, or owning land or real estate. Other forms of property include military installations, including naval bases, air bases, and military bases.

Some countries may strengthen their diplomatic presence in that country, giving them access to information, influence and limited economic transactions. Finally, countries can also support cultural and humanitarian programs such as freedom of religion, access to basic services, and health care.

hidden, secret

Most countries have procedures in place to hide their assets in other countries and keep their activities secret. Russia, China, Israel, Iran, United Arab Emirates, USA, United Kingdom, India and Germany are the most prominent examples of countries with assets in foreign countries.

Other countries with significant investments include France, Turkey, the Netherlands and Japan.

Mr. What Russia completely misses, or deliberately misses, is that a foreign power has already bought the entire property from an individual, and therefore owns the property in the country. The Suriname government led by Desi Pouders bought the building where the US Embassy was operating with a US$40 million IDB loan. The building is still unused and dilapidated.

Russia has not made any comments while sitting in Suriname’s parliament. What is it about?

Dwight G. In this he sees a simple footnote to Russia. People may be silenced against America by the agendas of politicians known to Americans. It is also possible for politicians to have interests and assets in the US. He plays on the feeling that no Indians should be present, but at the same time it should be a welcoming format for Americans and others.

Foreigners can own land through foundation bypass. They can be strange figures until we close our eyes to possible strange forces.

Russia benefits from growing a party by playing on gut feeling. Now that the government wants to do it publicly, the bulls are starting to roar.

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