Week 10,000 Gold PS5 opens this week for pre-order

London-based luxury retailer Trolley Excise is taking pre-orders for them Custom Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold PS5 Consoles Starting this Thursday, September 10th. You can lock your 24K Gold PS5 to 99 8099 (, 500 10,500) or get one of the other versions for a little less. The price includes two compatible dualsens controllers and a PS5 3D Pulse headset, but you can purchase the controller and headset separately if you prefer.

These are perfect for those of us who find this out PS5 design A little subtle to our tastes, it doubles as a mirror when you have to adjust your gold headset. Each kit includes a “luxury wooden showcase” and free international shipping and insurance. But you have to act fast Really elegantCustom Gold and Platinum PS5s Much Size is limited. When all 250 units (per model / coating) have run out, that is all.

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