Walit Ismail: Paulo Costa postpones mild heavyweight move after Israel’s disgusting post-war actions in Adesanya

Palo CostaLong-term manager Walid Ismail | After taking the middleweight title, it was revealed that “Borachinha” had planned to move up to lightweight heavyweight Israel Adesanya In UFC 253, But everything changed after the post-war actions of “The Last Stylebunder”.

Adesanya stopped Costa in the second round of the title fight on Saturday night in Abu Dhabi, suffered his first loss as a professional MMA fighter, and Ismail reported the MMA fight on Monday, after which Adosanya stopped the “ride” Costa for 205 pounds in retaliation.

“His focus is on Adesanya,” Ismail said. “He was thinking about gaining weight, but he is no longer because he wants to get Addisonia, and the UFC is indebted to him. He will stay. [at 185] He is very sad only to get Adesanya, angered by Adisanya’s post-war attitude. He’s a bum. Players fight, and when it’s over, it’s over. But do you do it after a fight? He has a bum, he can expect a dream to come true. ”

According to Ismail, Adesanya’s “disrespectful” actions have removed Costa.

“You can’t do that,” Ismail said. “Borachinha is angry. It was disgusting, (Adesenia) showed his lack of character. Two players solve their problems in a fight, but he is a bum. That was the worst thing he could have done. (Costa) Pure anger now. ”

Ismail attributes all the credit for the victory to Adesanya, and admits they had the wrong strategy for the match, but says “that night it was not ‘Borachinha'”. Costa broke his silence on the loss “We only know what happened,” he said Monday. Ismail said he did not sleep in Brazil the night before UFC 253 due to time-zone differences, “but we can not use it as an excuse.”

Costa’s game plan was halted during the first two rounds and unleashed in the final three, Ismail said, but there was no perfect call in the end.

“Kick deserves all the adjectives to land on Adesanya, but ‘Borrachinha’ is very passive and the strategy is wrong,” Ismail said. “We should have changed (the strategy) after the first kicks landed and went to war. We know that now. He’s not a tactical fighter, he’s a fighter.”

“She is OK. He is very sad, ”he said of Costa. “You can lose, but you can lose a battle, go ahead, everything or nothing. That’s what’s bothering him. It was Adesenya’s disrespect that drove him so crazy. He said Adesanya would pay for what he did. “It simply came to our notice then that Adesenya would pay for it.”

With the light heavyweight move now on hold, Ismail said Costa’s team plans to immediately reconsider with “The Last Stylebender” or record him against a top rival on the same night of Adecania’s next title defense.

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