Unique Keith Richards guitar new in The Rolling Stones – unpacked at the Groninger Museum

The unique guitar, painted by Keith Richard himself, will be new from June 30 and will be on display for the first time at the Groninger Museum during the exhibition “The Rolling Stones – Unzipped”. The Groninger Museum announced it.

Richards decided to paint the guitar, a Gibson Les Paul, while he was bored awaiting his prison sentence, probably in 1967 or 1968. The painting started with his shoes, continued with his white boots, then the guitar must have died.

The painted guitar can be seen in Jean-Luc Godard’s film Sympathy for the Devil (1968), in which Richards uses the Les Paul extensively. The instrument has become an iconic piece and now has its place in the exhibition.

The fact that the Stones don’t limit themselves to music is clearly reflected in the impressive exhibition. From rare instruments, audiovisual equipment and record covers to personal effects, scenography and fashion: Unzipped has it all.

JournalKeith Richards

According to the Groninger Museum, a real crown jewel in Unzipped is a diary by Keith Richards. A diary he kept for a year from January 1963. It comes from Richards’ own collection and gives insight into the guitarist’s thoughts. He wrote about practice sessions, performances, attendance numbers and how well the group was doing and how much money they were making. The diary contains the most diverse stories. For example, on February 14, 1963, he proudly wrote that Glyn Johns, the sound engineer, wanted to smuggle the band members into the studio a week later to sell a song to Decca Records.

About The Rolling Stones – Unzipped

In this first international exhibition of and about the Rolling Stones, the visitor goes behind the scenes. It’s a journey through the history and impressive career of the rock band. Over 400 original items from the personal archive are on display, including original instruments, stage designs, album covers, iconic costumes, rare audio fragments and video material. The drums of band member Charlie Watts, who died in 2021, are also featured. The real highlights are a rebuild of the studio and the spectacular Dolby Atmos experience as part of the show finale. Visitors can then experience the Stones 2016 live show in Cuba up close.

The exhibition opens on Friday June 30 at the Groninger Museum, which is the very last place where The Rolling Stones – Unzipped can be seen. The exhibition tour ends in Groningen after London, Sydney, the United States and Asia.

‘The Rolling Stones – Unzipped’ can be visited at the Groninger Museum until January 21, 2024. Tickets for the exhibition are available at rollingstonesgroningen.nl.

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