Uncle Benz has a new name: Benin’s original

Updated Benin products with the same blue font and orange packaging will hit the shelves in 2021.

The transition from Mama Pence to Ben Original comes amid a broad movement for racial equality and the peak of criticism. Brands with an origin rooted in ethnic stereotypes. In June, food companies Create Uncle Pence, Aunt Jemima, Cream of Wheat and Mrs. Butterworth He said they would retire or rename their products.
Mars’ rice brand was renamed “Uncle Ben,” in the 1940s Possible Imaginary Black rice farmer from Texas Famous for his high quality crop. It featured the face of Frank Brown, the head of the exclusive Chicago restaurant who posed for the Uncle Ben portrait. According to the archived page From Uncle Ben’s website. The company said it did not know if the real uncle was Ben.

“For some, it’s clear that slavery is not the brand we want to represent,” Fiona Dawson, global head of Marsfoot, told CNN Business.

Tuesday decided to rename the products after hearing from consumers and employees who demanded the change, he said.

“There is no place in this world for anything that represents social injustice,” he said.

The privately owned food and pet product company will also partner with the National Urban League to donate $ 2 million to interested fundraisers for black chefs. The company will donate another $ 2.5 million to educational programs and food access initiatives within the Greenville, Mississippi community where its products have been manufactured for four decades.

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