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The United Nations celebrated its 75th anniversary with the mantra of “multilateralism is not an option, but a need” – the corona virus epidemic underscores the weakness of international cooperation.

The anniversary of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) kicked off on Monday, with leaders and delegates from around 200 countries meeting in large numbers to discuss world issues and provide a number of solutions.

Instead, as COVID-19 still restricts global movement, 193 UN. Only one representative from each of the members will be allowed, and only one already in the United States.

All others must appear by video conference, including at least 160 heads of state.

Latest updates here:

17:00 GMT – France’s Macron says UN foundations ‘shattered’

French President Emmanuel Macron has stressed the need for nations to work together again, citing climate change and highlighting the corona virus epidemic.

Macron lamented the state of the United Nations: “Our shared house is in disrepair, our foundations are crumbling.”

Merger, use of chemical weapons and mass detention occur without punishment, “he continued.” Our international organization has been held hostage by the competition. It is being weakened by the inability to prosecute the individuals responsible for these abuses. “

James Pace of Al Jazeera said Macron had made multilateralism central to his foreign policy, and that “the world is trying to work together again.”

16:15 GMT – The Qatari ruler reaffirms the country’s commitment to diversity

In the recorded video message, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani reiterated his country’s commitment to work with and support the UN to “achieve the desired goals.”

“We reaffirm Qatar’s commitment to upholding and developing the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter,” Sheikh Tamim said.

“We emphasize the need to implement the political declaration adopted today by promoting diversity and deterrent diplomacy, respecting the sovereignty of states, treating them equally, and resolutely addressing the use of force in international relations …” [and] Resolving protracted crises and conflicts under international law. “

16:00 GMT – Turkish president calls for Security Council reform

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the UN Security Council (UNSC) an “equal representative”.

“In order to improve the UN system, we must first reform the Security Council,” Erdogan said, adding that the current structure, which leaves the fate of seven billion people at the mercy of the five permanent members of the Council, “is not fair or stable.

“We cannot overcome today’s challenges with structures designed for the needs of the previous century,” he added.

15:00 GMT – Trump on Tuesday met with the UNGA.

US President Donald Trump did not address the 75th anniversary of the UN through a pre-recorded video text on Monday.

Trump was listed as the first speaker in the member states on the UN agenda for the event. Instead, US Deputy Secretary of State for the United Nations Zerith Norman Salad spoke at the General Assembly Hall.

“For the Trump administration, this anniversary is an important moment to mark the many successes of the United Nations, but it must be done with clear eyes and renewed determination to see this important organization accomplish its purpose,” he said.

Al Jazeera’s diplomatic correspondent James Pace said Trump’s “eyebrows were raised” for not having an address.

UN in New York Speaking from outside the headquarters, he said, “People are asking if this is a deliberate move or an indication of how important the United States is to the UN on its priority list.”

14:00 GMT – UN President calls for international cooperation

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for more international cooperation in the face of global challenges at the event marking the 75th anniversary of the World Body.

“Today we have a surplus of multilateral challenges and a lack of multilateral solutions,” Guterres said.

“Climate catastrophe is faltering; biodiversity is declining; poverty is rising again; hatred is spreading; geopolitical tensions are rising … and the Govt-19 epidemic has exposed the world’s weaknesses. We can address them together.”

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