ULA delays launch of Ula satellite for 3rd time; 2 more launches are planned

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) has delayed its Delta IV heavy NROL-44 flight by two days for the third time.

The aerospace company is taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that all issues with the swing arm retraction system are resolved when the rocket is ready for launch.

The launch is now said to take place on Tuesday 29 September from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. The exact liftoff time has not yet been provided.

It was postponed for the third time as it was scheduled for Sunday, then Monday and now Tuesdays.

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On Tuesday, SpaceX plans to launch the US Air Force ‘s fourth and third generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System. This work has been delayed several times since last year.

SpaceX plans two launches this coming week. ULA has reached out to Fox 35 to see if the delay will affect their release schedule.

Monday, September. 28: SPACEX STARLINK MISSION

SpaceX will launch its 13th batch of Starling satellites on the Falcon 9 rocket on Monday. 60 satellites for SpaceX’s Starling Broadband Network. The work was cleared on September 17 due to weather.

Liftoff time is set for EDT at 10:22 a.m. from the Kennedy Space Center.

Today, September. 29: Spacex Falcon 9 GPS

SpaceX hopes to launch the US Air Force’s fourth and third generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System, following several work delays since last year.

The release has been moved since its September 30th.

A liftoff is scheduled for EDT at 10:10 pm from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base.

You can see all the startups live on Fox 35 News.

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