Ukraine has set up a network of saboteurs in Russia • Ukraine cites Russian reports of counter-offensive diversionary tactics

The Ukrainian intelligence services have built up a network of agents and sympathizers in Russia, with which they can carry out sabotage actions and attacks on Russian territory. Sources close to US intelligence say otherwise. CNN. Saboteurs are believed to be responsible for last month’s drone attack on the Kremlin.

It is unclear whether more recent drone attacks on Moscow and oil refineries in southern Russia are also the work of saboteurs. It’s unclear exactly how Ukraine supplies the groups with drones, but there are numerous smuggling routes across the long border between Russia and Ukraine. A European intelligence officer suggests the Ukrainians may be resorting to bribery.

US officials believe the groups are made up of Ukrainian sympathizers and operatives trained for this type of mission in enemy territory. It is unclear who is planning the missions. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has established rules for the intelligence services, but many of his actions do not require his personal consent.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there has been a steady stream of mysterious fires and explosions at Russian fuel depots, railroads, military recruiting offices, warehouses, and pipelines. But according to sources CNN spoke to, the frequency is increasing. According to one of them, it is “the result of months of effort” by the Ukrainians to build the necessary structures. “There has been a pretty consistent push by some in Ukraine for months now to be more aggressive,” the source said. “And there has certainly been some will at a high level. The challenge has always been to organize ourselves in such a way that we can do that.

Martin Alberts

Image taken from video of the Kremlin drone attack on the night of May 3-4.

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