Ubisoft had to rewrite its PS5 descriptions due to anxiety giants on Twitter

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One of the nastier pages for upcoming next-gen console launches is Spike of Anxiety Trolling Twitter And other social media accounts. This is too much to reconsider, but the most obvious example is the sense of continuity PlayStation 5 only supports backwards compatibility with 100 PlayStation 4 games – A statement that has been clarified several times before He was recently put to bed.

Ubisoft has released an update on the performance of its next gen games This week, it’s interesting to have a statement again. In it, the company confirmed that upcoming titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Phoenix Rising, and Riders Republic will run at 4 frames per second on Sony’s next gen console at 4K. Besides, there were some discussions about the publisher’s words.

You saw the French company running its PS5 games on “4K” And 60 frames per second ”which used the phrase“ 4K ” In 60 frames per second when referring to the Xbox Series X ”sparked wild social media speculation that it would offer gaming options on Sony’s PC – 4K Or 60 frames per second, effectively – as opposed to doing both at the same time. A post retweeted thousands of times from an Xbox fan account:

Embarrassingly, Ubisoft has now edited its blog post, Replaces the original words with the phrase “4K” In 60 frames per second for PS5 ”. So, if all of this is destroyed, we are curious what the next nonsense story will explode on social media. Nominations for the postcard will be gratefully received Bush square towers.

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