Twitter leaked TK @D66 member Lisa van Ginneken complains of heinous stupidity about TRANSFOBIE in LinkedIn safe bubble

How is it possible that the upper middle class party uses such low quality rhetoric

The ideological intrusion of a feminist of color that she is so upset about can be seen below. Some key phrases from his post here:

A sound full of mood swings and untruths. A sound that feeds the lack of freedom and hatred. (…) Nourished by images of fear without facts and invented theoriespeople are pitted against each other. (…) This is why I will continue to work for freedom and security. And of course I hope you will participate. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and every other day of the year.”

Suppose you really are so encapsulated that you think you can cheaply reduce this theme to good and evil. If you really think that, as seems to be the case with Lisa, then you have the bottom line definitely not the best for it with young people venturing into the ideological/psychological/physical minefield of gender dysphoria. So you’re just an empty avatar of something as vulgar as an ideology, a tribal algorithm made flesh, a redeemable pawn in a field you can’t oversee, a fourth-hand thinker.

A trans woman IS a man, regardless of her gender perception


The redeemable void of a binary worldview


TL; DR, you’re just a rhetorical flaw because you still think that…

gender transition, regardless of the extent of surgical and hormonal interventions, equals gender transition. It’s conceptually untenable, you know it in your heart but you dare not admit it, and that’s why you fled to LinkedIn.

With you “images of fear without facts and invented theories.


The ideological burglary by an invasive alien in question

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